Man Skills: Order a drink like a man

12 06 2011

"Do I look like I drink WKD?" Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

I am as guilty as you when it comes to not having a clue about different aspects of bar slang or drink terminology. Before doing some research, if you’d have asked me to order a manly sounding drinks with the scraps of bar terminology I do know, I would end up with something so disgusting, even Kerry Katona wouldn’t drink it.

In my mind I have images of Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr being able to specify a sophisticated drink with ease…

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve decided you’re tired of ordering hum-drum industrially brewed lagers, ciders and alcopops? If you looking for a more sophisticated drink of choice. In my mind I have images of Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr being able to specify a sophisticated drink with ease. Having this vocabulary down will make you appear assertive and project confidence to others. Without further ado, whether your tipple is whisky, martini, vodka or rum, here’s the essential vocab to own that bar with minimal effort:

On The Rocks

This is probably the most commonly quoted drinks phrase and the best known. But just in case you don’t know, to order a drink “On the rocks” is to have the drink poured over ice without mixer or “wash”.


Straight out of the bottle. Nothing added nothing taken away. The drink is usually associated with when someone is having a bitch of a day.

Straight Up

Not to be confused with straight. To order something straight up is to imply you want a drink that is chilled in a cocktail shaker and then strained into a martini glass typically.


Alludes to when your drink is impure, i.e has the taste of something else. Like olives in a martini to make it taste more piquant (pictured).

Wash, Mixer

I think wash is more common across the Atlantic but mixer is a bit more common in the UK. Pretty much any non-alcoholic drink or juice can constitute a mixer.


  • This is an easy one to remember. For drinks like Cosmopolitans or Margaritas, the bartender will rim the glass with sugar or salt. Not to be confused with a rim job, where the bartender punches you in the face… or worse, gives you a rim job.

Chaser, Back

  • A chaser is something that is drank after a shot. Typically beer. Not my idea of fun but some people enjoy them with amusing consequences:


Serves as the Pièce de résistance when ordering a more simplistic drink. The barman takes a twist of typically lemon or lime and serves it on the rim of your glass. This is one for the wine bars but if you do order it at your local, I wish you well!


I’m a big fan of muddling! It’s more of a technique than an order, but it involves crushing (often manually) and mixing ingredients to release the flavour. My favourite drink is Cachaça muddled with limes, sugar and ice to make a Caipirinha (pictured). Classic holiday drink.


Not technically the same thing but the concepts are similar. It’s when a drink is layered either with on the top (float) or several times (layered)

Now you know! You’ll be more Clark Gable than Jonny Vegas.

More tomorrow



Discount Codes

11 06 2011


This weekend I’ve been inundated with so many discount codes to pass onto you all I thought I’d do a quick and dirty post listing them all in time for you to get a weekend retail fix:

My-Wardrobe: Secret Discount for 30% off with code FBM30 (expires tomorrow at midnight so hurry!)


New Look Menswear: 20% off menswear using NLMAN20J


Office: Online sale with up to 50% off


Kurt Geiger: Up to 50% off Sale


Topman: Free delivery this weekend with 30% off using codes UKFBJUNE (UK), AUSFBJUNE (Australia), INTLFBJUNE (International)


Maximuscle: 30% off all products using voucher MAXIM30 (expires midnight tonight)

Fashion tips from your Dad

11 06 2011

Normally I would never advocate taking any kind of fashion lessons from your father. It’d be fair to assume that if everyone did this, the world would be populated by a bunch of hairy people with their trousers pulled up over their belly buttons. But in honour of father’s day I thought I’d play devil’s advocate and actually pay tribute to the items that our dad’s wore in the 60’s and 70’s that are now the height of fashion all over again. It pains me to say it but maybe Dad was on to something…


Distressed Denim

How I laughed when my dad used to wear his stonewash jeans… now who’s the fool? The studded fringe vest, long curls and black fedora wouldn’t look out of place on Bob Dylan or in Easy Rider. Classic Sixties cool and embarrissingly, I’ve seen pictures of my dad in an outfit not too dissimilar! 

Score 1 to the Dads.






The leather jacket and blue denim jeans.

A favourite look for dads everywhere in the late 70’s. You’ll never convince me of this one I’m afraid. I think the textures of the black leather and the blue denim clash quite heavily. It’s a tough one as I think that unless there are extenuating circumstances i.e you play for Inter Milan, black and blue, particularly deep blues and Indigos, should not be worn together.

Dads 1, Sons 1







The Desert boot

I know for a fact that in the late 90’s/early 2000’s that if anyone had rocked up to my school in a pair of desert boots, particularly from Clarks, they would have been crucified on the quad by the science blocks. Suede has since made a massive comeback for the Spring/Summer season with a whole host of ankle height boots in a range of vibrant colours being released onto the market. They’ve come some way from the Clarks Desert Shoe that was released in the fifties which I am reliably informed were then worn by everyone for the next two decades. If you want the original look, Clarks still stock the shoe with several other retailers also stocking a similar boot in it’s original sand colour. Depending on the colour, they can look great with an array of chinos or jeans.

2-1 to the Dads



Blazer and Wingtips

This is definitely my favourite. I’m a massive francophile and although the guy in this picture is American, I think that with that classic slimline blazer and dress shirt combination he’s captured the essence that was synonomous with iconic French designer Yves Saint Lauren.  You can find slim fit dress shirts and 2 button brown/grey blazers everywhere now (try TOPMAN or H&M). Then take some slim fitting trousers with  a pair of intensely dark brown wingtips and round it off with a pair of clubmaster Raybans to complete this look.

3-1 Dads (becoming a heavy defeat)


Sheepskin Jacket

They’ve been threatening to make a comeback for a while and given the right jacket with the right accompanying outfit, it can look very cool. It’s a tough look to pull off, and I think the subject has done so in this case but there is always the danger of looking like a 70’s football manager!

In this case, the jacket looks great and if you can get it right your friends will remark at how cool and cutting edge you are. But I’ll caveat that with if it’s the wrong cut, ill fitting or worn with clothes that don’t scream seventies rock and roll, you’ll look like a tool.

A begrudging 4th goal for the Dads in a 4-1 rout. It appears that all those years of making fun of photographs of my Dad have come back to bite me on the backside. Well what are you waiting for? Go out to your local thrift store, charity shop or high street retailer and and experiment!

Awesome Sale on Kurt Geiger Men's Shoes

9 06 2011

Good Evening!

As I cycled up the hill to work without a care in the world I had a feeling it was going to be a good day. I then looked up just in time to see a rogue bramble branch in in front of me and I was right on course to crash into it! I was wearing my favourite Ted Baker white shirt with blue pinstripe and I was damned if some bush was going to tear into it.

So after an expert swerve I skillfully corrected my course. Into the actual bush. I literally had to pull a thorn out of my arm! And they say soldiers have it tough.

The main fashion news today is that Kurt Geiger are having a sale with up to 50% off selected lines! The link is here and I’ve included some of the shoes that are on sale which link directly to the product.

KG by Kurt Geiger Basil was £69.00 now £59.00

KG by Kurt Geiger Bradley was £85.00 now £59.00

KG by Kurt Geiger Cameron was £115.00 now £89.00

KG by Kurt Geiger Vernon was £110.00 now £69.00

KG by Kurt Geiger Fryatt was £65.00 now £55.00

Kurt Geiger Cramer was £240.00 now £155.00

H by Hudson Thurson Chukka was £95.00 now £65.00

French Connection Saitfal5 was £55.00 now £39.00

Ted Baker Durif Thong was £32.00 now £25.00

Superdry Vegas Competition

8 06 2011

Well I did it. My team finally managed to end our losing run and by some freak of probability, I scored! I can’t even remember the last time I scored a goal. You could say it was a dry patch. Very dry. Perhaps Superdry?

Ho ho! Bad puns aside, Superdry are running a competition where you could win a 3 night trip to Vegas in a 5* hotel, return flights, limo ride to the Vegas Superdry store with £500 worth of vouchers to spend in store! All you have to do is sign up to their newsletter. It’s a no brainer.

My eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw this competition and yes I have entered myself. I’m not even sorry. If I were to win, I promise I’ll do the rainman scene coming down the escalator:

Competition runs until the 18th of July (image links to site). Good luck!

Hot new boots

6 06 2011

England’s uninspiring performance against the Swiss is a great way to bang the nail in the coffin of this years football season. For 4 months we’ll just have to make do with boring internationals. If like me, you can’t ever play too much football there are hundreds of professionally organised 6, 7 and 8 aside leagues out there. It’s good fun and an easy way to get fit.

But first off, you’re going to need some boots…

The solid centre-back

Your centre back may be a borderline alcoholic with aggressive tendencies that probably demand psychiatric help, but he’s your centre back. Alternatively, if you are that drunken psycho, no one can deny your bravery or dependability. If there’s a ball hurtling towards the ground from 40 feet, you will put your head under it no questions asked. If someone has unleashed a thunderbolt from outside the area, you will throw your body in the way with no regard for the consequences. You may not do what’s right but you do what’s necessary and when you are attempting a clearance from your own penalty area, unsure of whether you are going to kick the ball or an opponents face, make sure you’re wearing the Adidas Mundial Team Shoes. Tried and tested, these shoes are classic, smart, no-nonsense. Just make sure you clean the blood off.

The athletic full-back

Not debauched enough to be a centre-back? Not tricky enough to be a winger? Can’t shoot if your life depended on it? You must be a full back! The game’s unappreciated individual who will get forward to support the attack and bust a gut to put the hurt on those flamboyant winger types deserves a boot that will cope with those extra yards. The Adidas adiNova IV Turf Football Trainers have a classic feel, with an added dimension of colour and a moulded out-sole which will give you extra traction when putting in those hard yards!

The tricky winger

The quick feet, the deft touch, the mercurial temperament – all firm fixtures of the winger. In 1999, it was decreed by the EU that all wingers should wear multi-coloured boots… no excuses. Nike Mercurial Victory II Turf Football Trainers are made with synthetic lightweight uppers and are built for speed. Not only are they light, they’ll also give you a greater feel for the ball for instant control and close dribbling.

The midfield maestro

Whether a central midfielder has  had a good game or not doesn’t depend on what he does, it’s what he fails to do. If the team were a band, you would call the tune so you can’t afford any slip ups. It’s up to you to keep the team ticking over like a well-oiled machine. For the moments of hard graft or the flashes of brilliance the Puma Esito Finale Turf Football Trainers project assurance, quality and durability. They cover all bases.

The goal machine

You have no bank account as your only currency is goals. You live, eat and dream goals; waking yourself up in the middle of the night kicking your girlfriend as you unconsciously hammer the ball into the top-corner. With a streamlined shape, fiery colour and Traxion TF outsole, the Adidas F10 TRX Turf Football Trainer is the intro version of the AdiZero shoe worn by Lionel Messi. You can twist and turn defenders without worrying about the harshness of hard ground.



Lazy Saturday

4 06 2011

Hi all,

I am bang in the middle of enjoying a 4 day weekend and I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty good. Leaving a hob ring on my cooker burning for about 7 hours is a bit of a downer but you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth! Whilst I was unwittingly running the risk of burning the house down, I took some pictures of my new red (brick coloured) chinos that I bought from Zara.

I had some reservations about buying the chinos. I love the way they look and I’m not one to shy away from wearing bold clothes if they look cool, but there are strong associations with army officers wearing red trousers and if I happen to go anywhere near a warzone, I don’t want to get mistaken for one as I am the last person you want to be taking orders from on the battlefield. I think my first order would be more of an act, i.e soiling myself.

1. Blue explorer shirt from Next

2. Boilard Boat Shoes, Aldo 50.00

3. Red Chinos, Zara 39.99

You can’t deny that they look good! I also went to the gym, did some weight training – I’ve got it in my head that I’m going to do a triathlon in September. I’ve also seen a competition from Maximuscle called fitness heroes where you can win £25,000! There are 5 categories such as “bulk up” or “fat loss” but I’m pretty happy how I am but wouldn’t mind winning the sporting challenge where you have to achieve something. So I’m going to do an intensive 8 week program which will hopefully see me get below 11 seconds for the 100 metres and improve my 1.30 time for a sprint triathlon! All great journeys start with one step so I thought this healthy dinner would be a good start. Sweet potatoes for energy, pork and leek sausages for protein and a healthy salad of lettuce and yellow peppers. Sausages can be junk but you get what you pay for and sausages with high meat content, B vitamins which break down carbs and fat, selenium for faster recovery and zinc for producing testosterone… see, not just a banger!