To-orist Clothing

27 06 2011


Apologies for the lack of blogging action this weekend but my blog was temporarily incapacitated due to a lack of technical ability on my part! But I’m back now to tell you about To-orist (pronounced Tourist): a clothing brand which make handmade garments which incorporate sci-fi, the surreal, ancient history and foreign lands into their designs. They expertly employ numerous processes: Cork, Leather, Holographic, Lace, Silk Screen, Swarovski, Transfer and Vandal prints to name but a few.




I think that To-orist’s use of iconic travel imagery and manufacturing techniques is really original. The dali-esque holograph zebras, the flourescent holographic sarcophagus faces are all compounded by a really original style of printing with holographic images and fluorescent colours which I love.

I’ve been on the hunt for some original t-shirts for a while and I think To-orist have created something quite unique to the clothing market today. It’s a proof of concept merging the Avantgarde with the popular. I’m sure they’ll spark a big rush to copy these designs and techniques but for now they should enjoy the moment.



Film Review Bridesmaids

25 06 2011

Good morning!

Well the weather is truly terrible in the UK and as much as I try, I always forget that this is as good as the Summer gets here! I fought through the rain and wind to get to my local multiplex last night to give you a film review for Bridesmaids.

I was a little bit unsure what to expect with this one as I thought it could be a movie where all the funny scenes were in the trailer. After all, the only person I recognised  was Ellie Kemper who is in The American Office, which is excellent, but inconclusive.

To summarise the plot, Bridesmaids is a movie about a thirty-something failed businesswoman, Annie, whose life isn’t going to well. She’s in a dead-end casual relationship with a complete jerk (played by a style hero of mine Jon Hamm from Mad Men) and lives with a bizarre British siblings, one of which you will definitely recognise, who border on mentally insane. To top it off, she has just been asked by her best friend Lillian, Maya Rudolph, to be her maid of honour for her upcoming wedding.

Let me just get this off my chest as the plot doesn’t really give you an idea of the qualty of this movie… I absolutely loved it. The lead actress and co-writer Kristen Wiig may be better known in the States for her work on Saturday Night Live, but I hadn’t heard of her up until this point. Although I will definitely change that as she is a massive talent. She is one of the funniest people I have seen on screen as she can effortlessly deliver physical comedy whilst her reactions and mannerisms are just priceless. I can hand on heart say, that the sex scene between her and Jon Hamm was the funniest scene of that nature that I have ever seen in my life. It was a hell of a way to begin the movie and I was looking at the old couple in front of me to make sure neither of them had a heart attack!

I think both men and women can relate to her best-friend rivalry with the beautiful Helen, Rose Byrne, who tries to undermine Annie’s party planning at every juncture. She also was supported with able performances from several others, but the ones that really stood out for me were Chris O’Dowd who Brits may recognise from the UK comedy, The IT Crowd and Melissa McCarthy, who plays the ill-mannered, brutally honest but incredibly funny Megan. In retrospect, her character is the one similarity to The Hangover films as she plays the off-the-wall sister of the groom who has only been invited because she’s family which is a direct parallel the HO’s character Alan. But I don’t think that will bother you as I’ve only realised it just now and she did play the role phenomenally well.

I was waiting for Mrs D. after the movie by the escalators and inadvertantly heard lots of comments from the audience that I watched the  film with. I was all very positive and everyone appeared to have really enjoyed the movie. “It’s so much better than The Hangover” was something I heard several times from different groups which, in the case of the more recent installment, I’d have to agree. But I think the movie Bridesmaids has a different flavour to the Hangover which surprised me as they easily could have gone down the much trodden, drunken-Hen night path. Instead, what director Paul Feig and writers Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo have done is create a considered, funny comedy which appealed to everyone in the theatre especially resonates with the female audience. I think a lot of people will go and see this movie off the back of the success of The Hangover franchise but will come out felling like this movie stands up on it’s own merits.

I’m so glad I went to see Bridesmaids after the glut of other comedies that have been released recently (Bad Teacher and The Hangover pt 2) as this movie would have put them both to shame. I’m a complete comedy snob but there were at least 20 laughs in this movie. Put down whatever your doing today and go see it as it’s the funniest movie of 2011 so far.


Top Tips For Healthy Skin

22 06 2011

Good evening to all and to all good evening.

In today’s post, New York based, Mens skincare and grooming company have written several easy, practical tips to help the modern man keep his skin healthy and clear. Invest a couple of minutes reading and you’ll get back the hours of your life worrying in front of the mirror which would be better spent learning how to make sushi, perfecting your robot dance or reading The Superbite. Their website is full of great advice too! Don’t thank me, just pay it forward.

Skincare Tips for the Busy Working Man

Being employed in the current job environment is a blessing, but holding onto a job can mean putting in long work hours and shouldering a lot of stress. Lack of sleep and stress can both have negative effects on your skin, so it’s important to keep up your skin care regimen, but how do you find the time? Here are a few tips on how to take good care of your skin on a tight schedule.

Take Vitamins

Your skin is an outer reflection of your inner health, so a quick and easy way to improve your complexion is to take vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Pop a multivitamin every morning with your protein shake. It takes practically no time, and will not only directly affect your skin, but will also increase your energy level and overall health.

Replace Soft drinks with Water


We know you’re exhausted and crave caffeine and sugar, but sugary sodas are dreadful for your skin, and the energy you get from them is only temporary. So lay off the energy drinks and opt instead for water or all-natural juices.

Take Shorter Showers

It may sound counterintuitive to take shorter showers for healthier skin, but the longer you stay in the shower, the more your strip your skin of its protective oils. If dry skin is a problem for you, try altering your shower routine even further by using mild, all-natural soaps and warm (instead of hot) water.

Combine Steps

Keep your face wash and shaving materials in the shower and skip the sink. Also, if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s okay to use a combination hair and body wash. By limiting the number of products you have to keep track of, you can shave a few minutes off your routine.

Shave Carefully

Avoid annoying and time-consuming skin care issues (ingrown hairs, razor burn, cuts, etc.) by shaving carefully in the first place. Use a high quality shaving cream (preferably not a foam) and a sharp, fresh razor.

Borrow Lotion from the Ladies

You probably don’t have the time or space to carry around lotion, but you should be moisturizing daily. If you’ve not yet crossed the threshold of buying your own lotion, borrow some from your better half.

I think Alanna has been to soft with you here… everyone moisturises now so why don’t you man up and visit

Anthony Logistics For Men offers a line of men’s skin care products. The line was developed after extensive market research and was conceived as a full line of men’s personal care products. Quick and easy to use, an essential for most men, the products offer face, shave, hair and body solutions.


Review Bad Teacher

21 06 2011

A film review of Bad Teacher today which is the new outing starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and How I Met Your Mother’s Justin Segel. Bad Teacher see’s a step change from Diaz who has abandoned her usual stunning, goofy, girl-next-door type for a stunning, shallow, badass role. She plays Elizabeth Halsey, a teacher at a Illinois middle-school who wants nothing more than to get married to her rich fiance and quit her job.  The only problem is that her fiance has wised up to what a horrible person she is and decided to dump her tout suite.

Begrudgingly, she returns to teaching and becomes convinced that the only way she will bag herself another rich husband is to get herself a new pair of fake boobs. “But how will she fund them?” is what you’re probably not asking. Well I’m telling you anyway; the highest testing class in the state gets a big fat bonus and she will use her boobs to get a new man in the form of  substitute teacher/heir to a fortune, Scott Delacourt, played by Justin Timberlake.

It’s hardly Citizen Caine is it? Although I’m sure Mark Kermode will use the following adjectives that he uses them to describe all comedies that aren’t lame family movies: “nasty” and “misogynistic”. I wouldn’t got that far as I think Bad Teacher does have a couple of things going for it, Jason Segel delivers his lines with extreme comedic effect and he really carries a lot of scenes. Diaz also gives an interesting performance in a role which I don’t think she’s ever explored before. It’s quite hard to think of Diaz as a horrible piece of work.

With snappy jokes, flirty banter with Segel and a few times when she bothers with any of her pastoral duties in looking after her children, the writers are clearly trying to convince the audience that the character of Elizabeth does have a heart and she’s quite nice really. I wasn’t convinced and I don’t think many other people got a fuzzy feeling in their tummy when things ever went her way in the movie. For a no-brainer Sunday afternoon movie, it actually left me quite conflicted! She carries out several pretty serious crimes but we’re supposed to love her as she’s learning to be slightly less of a bitch.

I IMDB’d the director for this and it’s Jake Kasdan. The movie actually made more sense when I read that he directed an episode of the TV series Californication. It was the ultimate in ‘hit and miss’ TV and the protagonist, Hank Moody, was a loveable anti-hero who was deeply flawed but you still wanted him to get his shit together… sound familiar? It seems Kasdan likes anti-heroes but whereas Elizabeth and Hank are both charismatic and funny characters,  Moody was an impulsive idiot and not a superficial sociopath.

There are some funny scenes in the movie  Bad Teacher but for every funny scene, there was one that was just downright bizarre, a bit of a comedic misfire if you would. Diaz can definitely do comedy and she’s got form. In fact, most of the misfires came from Timberlake, who clearly has a great sense of humour (look up Mother Lover on SNL) but he needs to work on his acting chops.

I wouldn’t get too carried away with all the ethically questionable things that Elizabeth does as after all, that’s the point of the film. I was more disappointed with the writer’s failure to make the audience warm to the character as no amount of Diaz’ comedy timing will get you on board.

There were laughs in the movie but anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy knows what will happen. It’s a very, very similar concept to the excellent Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton so you might want to buy that on DVD instead. But If you’re in the mood to go to the cinema and you go in with average expectations, you’ll have a good time.


Miansai Jewellery and Accessories

19 06 2011

I’m back from an excellent stag weekend where laughs were had, too much gin was drunk and I have learnt some very valuable lessons:

1. Never long jump accross a canal for a dare no matter how much you think you can.

2. If your feet stick to the floor and the staff wear wellies, you’re in a shithole.

3. Paying £4 for a kebab does not guarantee it will be delicious!

But I came back in one piece so I’m thankful for that. Accessories today, and something that caught my eye is a range of handcrafted jewelry from the Miansai brand. The company’s owner and designer, Michael Saiger combines the contemporary with wartime vintage resulting in accessories that I’ve not see anywhere else. When I was growing up, I found the concept of war fascinating and used to listen to my grandad speak about when he served in North Africa. Saiger states the same thing in his company biography, elaborating that he developed an appreciation for WWII relics and paraphernalia at a very young age. As a child, he was surrounded by his mother’s collection of antique auction finds and quickly developed a fascination for historic curiosities.

Miansai’s new collection includes u-cuff rope bracelets pictured that are beautifully made using blue nylon cord with a brass u-cuff fastening.

Miansai designer Saiger’s latest collection has been inspired by childhood trips to the beaches of Nantucket and The Hamptons and his mother’s antique shop – bringing a personal connection to his ‘old military meets nautical’ inspired pieces.



I’m not a big wearer of accessories, but I thought this collection was so interesting and clearly painstakingly designed that I thought you might enjoy it too. Military in fashion does go hand in hand, several world renowned Saville Row tailors such as Gieves and Hawkes, began making military uniforms for officers. I recently found the most amazing Military jacket worn by British medics during WWII but in the end chose not to buy it despite being in fantastic condition. It’s a tough one as I felt an item like that needs to be respected and not worn as a fashion statement. I’m not sure if it was the right decision I can’t help what I like!

You can find more Miansai vintage jewellery here. Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.




Paul Smith Men's Summer Collection

17 06 2011



Paul Smith have recently launched a new line under Paul Smith Tailoring. The British designer has once more combined quintessential British class with a touch of modern flamboyance. The flashes of bright colour juxtaposed with timeless, quality materials are for many people, why they love Paul Smith tailoring. The suits are lighweight, contemporary yet classy and are the perfect purchase for the Summer wardrobe. A Paul Smith suit is a bastion of British style and in terms of ready to wear tailoring, there are few designers who are equal to it.


Attention to detail and the quirky use of colours are used to play with traditional ideas of Britishness such as floral designs and stripes. With any item from the Paul Smith tailoring line, you get an astounding attention to detail, each button may be a different colour for example, which is unlike any other clothing line on the market at the moment. Paul Smith coined the phrase “classics with a twist” and he hasn’t disappointed in delivering that concept again this season. You can check out the full line on their website.

Right, I’m off to my friends stag do this weekend where we will be clattering some old bangers into each other around a race track. But not before I negotiate the M6 on a Friday evening in the rain… I wonder which will be more dangerous? I’ll be sure to take pictures of the ensuing carnage but enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re doing!



Funny cat-obsessed woman on scott mills show

14 06 2011

I just had to share this with you. I was driving into town on the way to meet Mrs D. whilst listening to the Scott Mills show on Radio 1. He playing a dating clip from a woman who happened to be completely obsessed with cats. I’ve got a cat and sure, I love her like a sane person loves their family pet, but I’d be jumping out the toilet window if I was on a blind date with this maniac.

So here it is, I can honestly say it’s the funniest dating clip I’ve ever heard from a cat obsessed crazy lady:


I’ve watched this about 10 times now. She really hits the self-destruct button at the end: “I want to put them on a rainboooow…”