The beginning…

19 09 2010

Superbite, verb – When the best parts of a meal combine on the fork to create the ultimate mouthful.


Feels a bit strange to write a post when I don’t have any readers yet but I guess you’ve got to start somewhere. Superbite is going to be a one stop shop for men’s fashion, lifestyle and fitness. I’m hoping this will be the first of many posts writing about well… anything the everyday gent would be interested in.

I’m also going to have a posts that will chronicle the challenges that life in the 21st century throws up. Who knows, it may serve as a historical reference for future scholars researching into the typical self indulgent, internet obsessed, idiot of our time. It may be a complete mis-fire but Tom Cruise willing, it will be entertaining and something you look forward to reading whilst acting like you’re doing some work, paying attention to what your boss is saying etc.

First real post tomorrow!