Men Essentials – Shaving

7 10 2010

I’ve been meaning to write a blog about shaving for some time now. I have an idea buzzing around my brain about likening a wet shave to having a coffee hand crafted from a manual espresso bar. Yeah you can buy an electric razor, but it’s so cold and functionary. You’d never see Clint Eastwood with a buzzing razor – no, he’d go to barber shop owned by a stereotypical Italian-American gentleman and get a quality shave.

So without further ado here are the steps:

1. Open your pores: If you’re not taking a shave after a shower, draw some warm water in the sink and use a mild face wash. Simple make an affordable, effective wash that removes excess grime before your shave.

2. Oil: An excellent way to avoid shaving rash! Just one small spritz of oil rubbed evenly in your hands and then applied to the face will lubricate your blade and ensure your face is protected from unnecessary friction. Cost friendly versions are available at stores like the body shop, but if you want to experience real quality without any oily residue try The Art of Shaving’s pre-shave oil (£20)

3. Badger brush & shave cream – Like most things, you get what you pay for, value badger brushes are easy to come by but don’t expect them to last too long. If you are an electric razor fan because of the convenience, L’occitane sell a travel badger brush in which the brush section tucks away into the handle. They also produce a shave soap (pictured £27) which foams up a treat. Apply the lather over the desired areas and combined with the oil, your face will be like teflon.

4. With the grain – You may feel you get a closer shave going against the natural direction of the hair follicles, which is true, but there is such a things as shaving too closely and if you get ingrown hairs, you’ll know what I mean! By shaving so close, you’re stripping the face of it’s natural oils and canceling out any products you’ve applied. If you are feeling nostalgic, Art of Shaving sell straight razors and sharpening strops for just over £100. Sounds a lot but bear in mind that will last you many years whilst you have to remortgage your house whenever you need replacement cartridges for you Gillette.

Wash and moisturise – You can never do this enough. It’s great for your skin in the long run as even when you have even moderate facial hair growth, oil and grime get caught in the stubble and spots develop. Keeping up the ritual of wash, shave, moisturise will keep your face clean, tidy and nourished.