History repeated…

4 10 2010

The time – 1994. The place – Dartford Market. I was just a wee man and wanted nothing more than to be in Chakademus and Pliers. I wandered around with my nan, whilst the kids who were allowed to go out with their mates all in their adidas tracksuits and Reebok Classics mocked me in my patterned jumper.

If you needed one more scrap of evidence that life is a massive piss-take and that what looks good and what’s fashionable are two different things then check out these extremely trendy patterned jumpers. As always, I was before my time:

Multicoloured Aztec Cardigan, Topman £32

Grey Fairisle sweatshirt, Topman £28

This fashion development has caused a lot of debate in my house. I think I’m on the against side because the mental scars are too deep! Do you think this is the height of geek chic, or do they make you look like a Church organist?


House of Fraser sale!!!

29 09 2010


As promised, here are some items I’ve found from the House of Fraser sale. I’ve also put up a banner for the House of Fraser 25% of sale to the right of the page. It ends tomorrow so don’t waste any time!

Diesel Check Mac

Ted Baker Mohair Suit

Linea check formal waistcoat

Fred Perry Merino Cardigan

Ted Baker Bly Moccasins

Dune Dustin Boots

Up to 20% off, 2 day brand event at House of Fraser starts tomorrow!

28 09 2010

Just thought I’d give you a heads up. I’ll be putting the link up here tomorrow as soon as it’s out. In the meantime, here are some items from the site to wet your appetite:

GantNarrow fitted cord trousers

G-Star long sleeved shawl neck

Hugo Boss leather flap over bag

More tomorrow!

20% off T-shirts and shoes at ASOS

26 09 2010

Hello to you on this grey Sunday afternoon,

I was going to ask you to gather round while I took the time to review a book I read recently… then I saw that ASOS were doing the above and decided to throw this your way. Here are some of the t-shirts & shoes that caught my eye (all pictures are linked):

The Lawn Ultimatum: More London Fashion Week

25 09 2010

Happy Saturday Dear Reader.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I’ve often gone to clean my house and when faced with the prospect of going the whole hog i.e mowing the lawn, cleaning out the fridge or vacuuming under the television stand, decided that I’d rather drink dishwater.

Today, as I stood once more over that familiar cleaning precipice, I decided to throw myself over and now I am completely banjaxed/quadrospazzed.

Point being, I’m going to put a nice easy one up for you continuing on my incisive coverage of London Fashion Week after which I’ve promised to watch that putty-faced fiend Robert Patinson in Twilight. Today I’ll be posting some pieces from Edward Tautz who if you’re not familiar, have been making gentlemen’s garments since the late Victorian era and have dressed royalty and many reputable men, Winston Churchill being one of them.

Tautz are generally known for their trousers, but I’ve been smoothed over by the jackets from this collection. Here are some highlights:

London Fashion Week – Menswear

24 09 2010

It was the last day of London fashion week which is menswear so I’ll be writing a couple of posts touching on the highlights of the day.

Can’t really start with anyone other than Ozwald Boateng who was really impressive. Throughout his long career it’s pretty surprising that he had never showcased London Fashion Week but I thought it was well worth the wait. Typical of Boateng there were a magnificent range of suits and super smart daywear. There were some really original touches such as some aristocratic Autumn/Winter pieces which really utilise the different textured fabric more typical of the season and some vibrant colourful Spring/Summer suits which in some cases were lightweight cotton and relied more on colours to add a bit of identity. Here were some of my favourite bits:

What’s the skinny?

21 09 2010

Happy Tuesday,

I think we’re still in the crest of the wave for skinny jeans! I was inspired to buy these by the boy band wannabe Jay-Jay in Big Brother… God help me. I was reluctant at first, thinking skinny jeans were for 17 year old kooks fans but I think the fit of these gap jeans around the legs aren’t restrictive and you can wear black shoes with them which is a mortal sin for blue jeans!


Link here: