To-orist Clothing

27 06 2011


Apologies for the lack of blogging action this weekend but my blog was temporarily incapacitated due to a lack of technical ability on my part! But I’m back now to tell you about To-orist (pronounced Tourist): a clothing brand which make handmade garments which incorporate sci-fi, the surreal, ancient history and foreign lands into their designs. They expertly employ numerous processes: Cork, Leather, Holographic, Lace, Silk Screen, Swarovski, Transfer and Vandal prints to name but a few.




I think that To-orist’s use of iconic travel imagery and manufacturing techniques is really original. The dali-esque holograph zebras, the flourescent holographic sarcophagus faces are all compounded by a really original style of printing with holographic images and fluorescent colours which I love.

I’ve been on the hunt for some original t-shirts for a while and I think To-orist have created something quite unique to the clothing market today. It’s a proof of concept merging the Avantgarde with the popular. I’m sure they’ll spark a big rush to copy these designs and techniques but for now they should enjoy the moment.





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