Top Tips For Healthy Skin

22 06 2011

Good evening to all and to all good evening.

In today’s post, New York based, Mens skincare and grooming company have written several easy, practical tips to help the modern man keep his skin healthy and clear. Invest a couple of minutes reading and you’ll get back the hours of your life worrying in front of the mirror which would be better spent learning how to make sushi, perfecting your robot dance or reading The Superbite. Their website is full of great advice too! Don’t thank me, just pay it forward.

Skincare Tips for the Busy Working Man

Being employed in the current job environment is a blessing, but holding onto a job can mean putting in long work hours and shouldering a lot of stress. Lack of sleep and stress can both have negative effects on your skin, so it’s important to keep up your skin care regimen, but how do you find the time? Here are a few tips on how to take good care of your skin on a tight schedule.

Take Vitamins

Your skin is an outer reflection of your inner health, so a quick and easy way to improve your complexion is to take vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Pop a multivitamin every morning with your protein shake. It takes practically no time, and will not only directly affect your skin, but will also increase your energy level and overall health.

Replace Soft drinks with Water


We know you’re exhausted and crave caffeine and sugar, but sugary sodas are dreadful for your skin, and the energy you get from them is only temporary. So lay off the energy drinks and opt instead for water or all-natural juices.

Take Shorter Showers

It may sound counterintuitive to take shorter showers for healthier skin, but the longer you stay in the shower, the more your strip your skin of its protective oils. If dry skin is a problem for you, try altering your shower routine even further by using mild, all-natural soaps and warm (instead of hot) water.

Combine Steps

Keep your face wash and shaving materials in the shower and skip the sink. Also, if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s okay to use a combination hair and body wash. By limiting the number of products you have to keep track of, you can shave a few minutes off your routine.

Shave Carefully

Avoid annoying and time-consuming skin care issues (ingrown hairs, razor burn, cuts, etc.) by shaving carefully in the first place. Use a high quality shaving cream (preferably not a foam) and a sharp, fresh razor.

Borrow Lotion from the Ladies

You probably don’t have the time or space to carry around lotion, but you should be moisturizing daily. If you’ve not yet crossed the threshold of buying your own lotion, borrow some from your better half.

I think Alanna has been to soft with you here… everyone moisturises now so why don’t you man up and visit

Anthony Logistics For Men offers a line of men’s skin care products. The line was developed after extensive market research and was conceived as a full line of men’s personal care products. Quick and easy to use, an essential for most men, the products offer face, shave, hair and body solutions.





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