Miansai Jewellery and Accessories

19 06 2011

I’m back from an excellent stag weekend where laughs were had, too much gin was drunk and I have learnt some very valuable lessons:

1. Never long jump accross a canal for a dare no matter how much you think you can.

2. If your feet stick to the floor and the staff wear wellies, you’re in a shithole.

3. Paying £4 for a kebab does not guarantee it will be delicious!

But I came back in one piece so I’m thankful for that. Accessories today, and something that caught my eye is a range of handcrafted jewelry from the Miansai brand. The company’s owner and designer, Michael Saiger combines the contemporary with wartime vintage resulting in accessories that I’ve not see anywhere else. When I was growing up, I found the concept of war fascinating and used to listen to my grandad speak about when he served in North Africa. Saiger states the same thing in his company biography, elaborating that he developed an appreciation for WWII relics and paraphernalia at a very young age. As a child, he was surrounded by his mother’s collection of antique auction finds and quickly developed a fascination for historic curiosities.

Miansai’s new collection includes u-cuff rope bracelets pictured that are beautifully made using blue nylon cord with a brass u-cuff fastening.

Miansai designer Saiger’s latest collection has been inspired by childhood trips to the beaches of Nantucket and The Hamptons and his mother’s antique shop – bringing a personal connection to his ‘old military meets nautical’ inspired pieces.



I’m not a big wearer of accessories, but I thought this collection was so interesting and clearly painstakingly designed that I thought you might enjoy it too. Military in fashion does go hand in hand, several world renowned Saville Row tailors such as Gieves and Hawkes, began making military uniforms for officers. I recently found the most amazing Military jacket worn by British medics during WWII but in the end chose not to buy it despite being in fantastic condition. It’s a tough one as I felt an item like that needs to be respected and not worn as a fashion statement. I’m not sure if it was the right decision I can’t help what I like!

You can find more Miansai vintage jewellery here. Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.







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