Paul Smith Men's Summer Collection

17 06 2011



Paul Smith have recently launched a new line under Paul Smith Tailoring. The British designer has once more combined quintessential British class with a touch of modern flamboyance. The flashes of bright colour juxtaposed with timeless, quality materials are for many people, why they love Paul Smith tailoring. The suits are lighweight, contemporary yet classy and are the perfect purchase for the Summer wardrobe. A Paul Smith suit is a bastion of British style and in terms of ready to wear tailoring, there are few designers who are equal to it.


Attention to detail and the quirky use of colours are used to play with traditional ideas of Britishness such as floral designs and stripes. With any item from the Paul Smith tailoring line, you get an astounding attention to detail, each button may be a different colour for example, which is unlike any other clothing line on the market at the moment. Paul Smith coined the phrase “classics with a twist” and he hasn’t disappointed in delivering that concept again this season. You can check out the full line on their website.

Right, I’m off to my friends stag do this weekend where we will be clattering some old bangers into each other around a race track. But not before I negotiate the M6 on a Friday evening in the rain… I wonder which will be more dangerous? I’ll be sure to take pictures of the ensuing carnage but enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re doing!






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