Fashion tips from your Dad

11 06 2011

Normally I would never advocate taking any kind of fashion lessons from your father. It’d be fair to assume that if everyone did this, the world would be populated by a bunch of hairy people with their trousers pulled up over their belly buttons. But in honour of father’s day I thought I’d play devil’s advocate and actually pay tribute to the items that our dad’s wore in the 60’s and 70’s that are now the height of fashion all over again. It pains me to say it but maybe Dad was on to something…


Distressed Denim

How I laughed when my dad used to wear his stonewash jeans… now who’s the fool? The studded fringe vest, long curls and black fedora wouldn’t look out of place on Bob Dylan or in Easy Rider. Classic Sixties cool and embarrissingly, I’ve seen pictures of my dad in an outfit not too dissimilar! 

Score 1 to the Dads.






The leather jacket and blue denim jeans.

A favourite look for dads everywhere in the late 70’s. You’ll never convince me of this one I’m afraid. I think the textures of the black leather and the blue denim clash quite heavily. It’s a tough one as I think that unless there are extenuating circumstances i.e you play for Inter Milan, black and blue, particularly deep blues and Indigos, should not be worn together.

Dads 1, Sons 1







The Desert boot

I know for a fact that in the late 90’s/early 2000’s that if anyone had rocked up to my school in a pair of desert boots, particularly from Clarks, they would have been crucified on the quad by the science blocks. Suede has since made a massive comeback for the Spring/Summer season with a whole host of ankle height boots in a range of vibrant colours being released onto the market. They’ve come some way from the Clarks Desert Shoe that was released in the fifties which I am reliably informed were then worn by everyone for the next two decades. If you want the original look, Clarks still stock the shoe with several other retailers also stocking a similar boot in it’s original sand colour. Depending on the colour, they can look great with an array of chinos or jeans.

2-1 to the Dads



Blazer and Wingtips

This is definitely my favourite. I’m a massive francophile and although the guy in this picture is American, I think that with that classic slimline blazer and dress shirt combination he’s captured the essence that was synonomous with iconic French designer Yves Saint Lauren.  You can find slim fit dress shirts and 2 button brown/grey blazers everywhere now (try TOPMAN or H&M). Then take some slim fitting trousers with  a pair of intensely dark brown wingtips and round it off with a pair of clubmaster Raybans to complete this look.

3-1 Dads (becoming a heavy defeat)


Sheepskin Jacket

They’ve been threatening to make a comeback for a while and given the right jacket with the right accompanying outfit, it can look very cool. It’s a tough look to pull off, and I think the subject has done so in this case but there is always the danger of looking like a 70’s football manager!

In this case, the jacket looks great and if you can get it right your friends will remark at how cool and cutting edge you are. But I’ll caveat that with if it’s the wrong cut, ill fitting or worn with clothes that don’t scream seventies rock and roll, you’ll look like a tool.

A begrudging 4th goal for the Dads in a 4-1 rout. It appears that all those years of making fun of photographs of my Dad have come back to bite me on the backside. Well what are you waiting for? Go out to your local thrift store, charity shop or high street retailer and and experiment!




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