Hot new boots

6 06 2011

England’s uninspiring performance against the Swiss is a great way to bang the nail in the coffin of this years football season. For 4 months we’ll just have to make do with boring internationals. If like me, you can’t ever play too much football there are hundreds of professionally organised 6, 7 and 8 aside leagues out there. It’s good fun and an easy way to get fit.

But first off, you’re going to need some boots…

The solid centre-back

Your centre back may be a borderline alcoholic with aggressive tendencies that probably demand psychiatric help, but he’s your centre back. Alternatively, if you are that drunken psycho, no one can deny your bravery or dependability. If there’s a ball hurtling towards the ground from 40 feet, you will put your head under it no questions asked. If someone has unleashed a thunderbolt from outside the area, you will throw your body in the way with no regard for the consequences. You may not do what’s right but you do what’s necessary and when you are attempting a clearance from your own penalty area, unsure of whether you are going to kick the ball or an opponents face, make sure you’re wearing the Adidas Mundial Team Shoes. Tried and tested, these shoes are classic, smart, no-nonsense. Just make sure you clean the blood off.

The athletic full-back

Not debauched enough to be a centre-back? Not tricky enough to be a winger? Can’t shoot if your life depended on it? You must be a full back! The game’s unappreciated individual who will get forward to support the attack and bust a gut to put the hurt on those flamboyant winger types deserves a boot that will cope with those extra yards. The Adidas adiNova IV Turf Football Trainers have a classic feel, with an added dimension of colour and a moulded out-sole which will give you extra traction when putting in those hard yards!

The tricky winger

The quick feet, the deft touch, the mercurial temperament – all firm fixtures of the winger. In 1999, it was decreed by the EU that all wingers should wear multi-coloured boots… no excuses. Nike Mercurial Victory II Turf Football Trainers are made with synthetic lightweight uppers and are built for speed. Not only are they light, they’ll also give you a greater feel for the ball for instant control and close dribbling.

The midfield maestro

Whether a central midfielder has  had a good game or not doesn’t depend on what he does, it’s what he fails to do. If the team were a band, you would call the tune so you can’t afford any slip ups. It’s up to you to keep the team ticking over like a well-oiled machine. For the moments of hard graft or the flashes of brilliance the Puma Esito Finale Turf Football Trainers project assurance, quality and durability. They cover all bases.

The goal machine

You have no bank account as your only currency is goals. You live, eat and dream goals; waking yourself up in the middle of the night kicking your girlfriend as you unconsciously hammer the ball into the top-corner. With a streamlined shape, fiery colour and Traxion TF outsole, the Adidas F10 TRX Turf Football Trainer is the intro version of the AdiZero shoe worn by Lionel Messi. You can twist and turn defenders without worrying about the harshness of hard ground.






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