Lazy Saturday

4 06 2011

Hi all,

I am bang in the middle of enjoying a 4 day weekend and I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty good. Leaving a hob ring on my cooker burning for about 7 hours is a bit of a downer but you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth! Whilst I was unwittingly running the risk of burning the house down, I took some pictures of my new red (brick coloured) chinos that I bought from Zara.

I had some reservations about buying the chinos. I love the way they look and I’m not one to shy away from wearing bold clothes if they look cool, but there are strong associations with army officers wearing red trousers and if I happen to go anywhere near a warzone, I don’t want to get mistaken for one as I am the last person you want to be taking orders from on the battlefield. I think my first order would be more of an act, i.e soiling myself.

1. Blue explorer shirt from Next

2. Boilard Boat Shoes, Aldo 50.00

3. Red Chinos, Zara 39.99

You can’t deny that they look good! I also went to the gym, did some weight training – I’ve got it in my head that I’m going to do a triathlon in September. I’ve also seen a competition from Maximuscle called fitness heroes where you can win £25,000! There are 5 categories such as “bulk up” or “fat loss” but I’m pretty happy how I am but wouldn’t mind winning the sporting challenge where you have to achieve something. So I’m going to do an intensive 8 week program which will hopefully see me get below 11 seconds for the 100 metres and improve my 1.30 time for a sprint triathlon! All great journeys start with one step so I thought this healthy dinner would be a good start. Sweet potatoes for energy, pork and leek sausages for protein and a healthy salad of lettuce and yellow peppers. Sausages can be junk but you get what you pay for and sausages with high meat content, B vitamins which break down carbs and fat, selenium for faster recovery and zinc for producing testosterone… see, not just a banger!




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