Look of the week

31 05 2011

You’ve joined the top UK men’s fashion blog for another analysis of the best and brightest dressed men from across the globe.

This week is the young pup Edward H. from San Diego and you can hype his look via the button on below the picture. I love the preppiness of it which is very current as that’s this Spring’s formal trend. I also wear cutaway collars and I think they look a bit more mod and stylish than wearing a full size collar.

The red, white and blue on the sweater and nautical tie look great together and the beaten up oxfords make the outfit appear a bit more casual. The Yorkshire Terrier is optional.

Sweater – Henri Lloyd Pitfield Grey V-Neck Sweater, BB Clothing, 42.00
Cutaway Shirt – ASOS, 20.00
Best Navy Sherry Skinny Suit Trousers – TOPMAN, 55.00
Nautical Stripe Tie – ASOS, 8.00
Socks – Tommy Hilfiger, 9.99
Shoes – Albions, Dune, 80.00




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