Superdry Premium Dress Shirt

22 05 2011

I’m keeping it local this week with a brand that is close to my heart, Superdry. The brand was set up in 1985 by local businessman Julian Dunkerton and after nearly two decades of graft hit the big time in 2004. You probably know it best by their signature pseudo Japanese Osaka shirts and the original Superdry Brad leather jacket. It was my last year of Uni and I think David Beckham was spotted wearing the brand and hey presto, they became bigger than Eric Pickles’ ankles after an 8 hour flight.

Today I took a little trip to my local store as Superdry sent me a product to review but I overestimated my build and went for a medium when I should have asked for a small. No matter as I am always happy to go to the store and try on different versions just for kicks. As the only other job I had to do today was watch the Ricky Gervais show in my pants I thought I try on a few other shirts of equal value… take a look. Apologies for the excessive exposure of my face, it’s the only one I have.


















I’ve got loads of blue shirts so I plumped for the red premium dress shirt. It’s a red ordnance check and a 100% cotton which looks and feels like a really high quality material. The detailing on the colour and cuffs is intricately done and very cool but I think the thing I like most about the item is it’s versatility; I could easily wear it in a casual or smarter setting.

In terms of the fit, I sometimes struggle as I have a small waist and broad shoulders so shirts can either look uber tight or like a potato sack. It’s not the case here though as the shoulders aren’t restrictive but the waist is slightly tapered and cuts a nice line. I like the cut so much that I am tempted to make my first payday purchase the blue version!

I think the redcurrant colour of the check would be the ideal partner to a pair of dark blue jeans (as modelled). I’ve got three product shots and a product picture that links to the site.



Superdry Premium Dress Shirt







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