Esquire's Best Dressed Man 2011

17 05 2011

I’ve saved another bird from the jaws of death this morning. As my cat has never witnessed me killing anything I can only assume she thinks I am some sort of simpleton and has taken sympathy on me by catching prey for me to eat. I fear that even animals have got the measure of me!

To mark the Esquire Britain’s Best Dressed Man competition, I have put together a look that I think would not only win – but render other entrants attempts so futile, they will fall into a state of depression; sitting in their pants eating Doritos for a full year, leaving the competition open for me to win again in 2012. After all dear reader, it’s not good enough to win, everyone else has to lose… well that’s the plan anyway. Here are some of the previous finalists/winners:

If you think you can go one better than the gents above, the link to the competition is here. To see the offering from your favourite Men’s fashion blog, see below:

Let me walk you through it, all items can be found at My-Wardobe:

Jacket: Navy cotton patch pocket blazer by Polo Ralph Lauren featuring a notch lapel, chest pocket, two front flap pockets, four-button cuffs, a single rear vent, two interior pockets and a buggy lining. It’s single vent, cuts a superb line and the crumpled look of the fabric strikes that balance of a relaxed look that is quietly sophisticated.

Shirt: Burberry Pale Blue Check Collar Poplin ShirtEvery outfit needs a backdrop and what a backdrop. Exquisite pale blue 100% cotton, fine weave.

Shorts: Ralph Lauren Brick Red Logo Chino Shorts – My statement piece.

Scarf: Paul Smith Signature multi-stripe silk scarf Despite the colours from the jacket, shirt and shorts combining to create a symphonie of Spring. I added this item as not only is it complimentary, I couldn’t resist the combination of decadent silk and rugged tribalwear. It’s my favourite item from My-Wardrobe!

Shoes: Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Chocolate Suede Brick Soled Brogues – The Brown velvety finish of the suede upper acts breaks up the red brick colour of the shorts and shoes perfectly. Also acts as an ideal counterpoint to the jacket.





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