New running shoes!

9 05 2011



Asics running shoe, Asics stability trainer

Asics Gel Virage 5 Structure Mens Running Shoes, JJB - 64.99

Nike Running Shoe guide

Nike Air Alaris 4 MSL, JJB Sport - 39.99


ASICS comes from the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, meaning a “sound mind in a sound body”. I never knew that. But since I’ve treated myself to a pair of Virage 5’s this week, I thought I’d visit the Asics website.

It’s really good! After trying on the Asics and Nike shoes pictured above, I decided that the Nike’s were very stable for my drunken running style but they were too narrow. As you can see I went for the Asics and I’ve just taken these bad boys out for a test run (6 miles) and despite my legs feel like they been trampled by a wisdom of angry wombats due to doing some plyometric exercises yesterday, they performed really well.

After each run, I ride my bike a couple of miles home which is really nice cool-down on a Summer night. A cool down is just as important as a warm up as it will aid a faster recovery so here are the Asics top tips for an effective cool-down










text courtesy of Asics

Like warming up, cooling down is an essential part of running. While you might just feel like dropping on the couch after a run, you’ll be thankful later for a proper cool-down, which can reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

Cooling down consists of about five to ten minutes of relaxed jogging or walking at the end of your race or training session. Basically, the more vigorous your running session, the more need your body has to cool down. There are some good reasons to include cooling down into your training routine.

Preventing dizziness
The most important reason for cooling down is that a gentle jog will gradually bring your heart rate back to a resting state. If you just stop running suddenly, the muscles stop but your heart does not adjust as quickly. It will continue to pump blood at a high rate which will pool or collect in the legs, leaving other areas of your body lacking blood, for example your brain. This is why some people feel dizzy after a long run.

Reducing muscle soreness
A cool-down will also counter the tendency of muscles to tighten after exercise. In many cases it will reduce muscle soreness after running, more formally know as Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).




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