Review: Nikon S2550

25 04 2011

Considering the sun has been out in the UK everyday this week, we thought we’d have a BBQ yesterday and invite some friends round. I woke up looking forward to the day, looked out of my bedroom window and saw grey skies. Typical.

As I haven’t got any plans today the sunshine has returned so I thought I’d sit in the garden with my laptop and write about my latest toy – the Nikon S2550.

NIKON Coolpix S2550 Compact Digital Camera, Currys - was 129.99, now 99.99

I’ve been using a Nikon S1 for about 5 years now so I thought it was time for an upgrade! Initially, I couldn’t decide between the Nikon or the Sony Cyber-shot W350 as the latter has a higher resolution and a really cool feature where you pivot the camera horizontally and it takes a brilliant panoramic shot.

So why did I decide on the Nikon instead?

The real factor that swung it for me was the quality of lense. Sure the Sony has a higher resolution but a Nikon equip their cameras with the best lenses in the industry. The positives for this is that it gives you a greater depth of colour which is important for me when I am taking pictures for men’s fashion blog posts.

The Nikon also has an equal zoom function, motion detection, Best Shot Selector (BSS), smart portrait system which means a smile timer, blink proof function, skin softening and in-camera red-eye fix, plus there’s the added plus of having had the S1 so I know how the interface works.

I really love my camera so far and look forward taking pictures for more Summer Look-Books like the one I posted a couple of days ago.






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