Fashion Terms Explained…

22 04 2011

Good evening and what an evening it is. I’m sitting in the guest room listening to the birds sing through my open window, whilst the unseasonably warm weather is offset by a cool evening breeze. I’ve been taking pictures for part 1 of my Summer lookbook which you can view tomorrow!

Jil Sander Men's Gallery Shirt, Oki Ni

Typing that sappy prose has kind of unintentionally tied into today’s post. We are onto the third post of the series – which is the letter C for all you academics out there, so with that in mind I’m going to boost your fashion I.Q once again by telling you all about contrast.

Contrast is everywhere – fashion, architecture, music. It’s the device used to hook our attention, given that we have evolved in a way that our awareness is sharpened when something stands out as opposed to fading into the background.

Anyone who did GCSE Art knows all about complimentary colours – red with green, orange with blue etc but putting together a truly eye-catching outfit isn’t as straight forward as that. I bought a bright orange t-shirt the other day and thought that logically, it should go with pair of pale blue chinos I had seen in Gap. Trying them on in the changing room, I realised that I looked like a can of Irn Bru.

The Quiet Life Contrast Pocket T-Shirt, ASOS


After far too much thought, I’ve decided that offsetting a bright, vibrant colour with a more neutral one such as a grey, cream, navy or white, which avoids the risk of an Irn Bru-style violent contrast which is unpleasant to the eye.

You can also contrast textures such as a wool suit with a silk tie or patterns such as a block colour sweater with a patterned shirt. This has a similarly pleasing effect and doesn’t require bold, contrasting colours to work.

Enough chatter, her are some more great examples of using contrasting colours to get that summer look.




Ralph Lauren Slim fit jeans, Selfridges

That’s all for tonight. I’ve been cavorting in a meadow in some summer threads so make sure you come back tomorrow to see the results.




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