Getting back in the pool

15 04 2011

I’ve been to the cinema to watch Little Red Riding Hood, but that’s another post. How’s everyone doing on this Friday evening? I’ve had a pretty rough day… not Colonol Gadaffi bad, but my soup exploded in the microwave so I had no lunch at work!

I’ve been meaning to post my goggles that I bought the other day as my racing one’s have inexplicably gone missing. They are from the Speedo Active essentials range as they are designed for regular use such as training. After using them, I think the annoying things that usually go wrong with multi-purpose goggles like leaky seals, lenses that fog up etc don’t occur with these. I’m really pleased with them and I won’t be in any rush to purchase pricier models.

Speedo Adult Mariner Goggle - 7.00

Simple, effective and clicking either the picture or this link here will take you straight to them. Perfect if you are contemplating getting back into the pool or going on holiday but don’t want to splash out (sorry I didn’t mean that).

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