Summer T-Shirt Shopping

12 04 2011

Urgh, just lost something ridiculous like 8-2 at football and to top it off, I burnt my finger last night in a ridiculous fashion. Whilst serving dinner I had a pie fall off a spatula… the same stupid instinct that makes you fall off of the curb when you’re sleeping kicked in and I caught what was essentially a hand grenade of molten gravy. As anyone who doesn’t have a low enough I.Q to catch a hot pie would know, the pastry crumbled leaving my kitchen floor covered in goop. Bravo.

My weekend was a lot better though as I decided to go to New Look and purchase some t-shirts that were a bit more suitable for this lovely weather we’re having. See what you think:

I ended up buying the orange and jade shirts – all pictures link to the individual projects. New Look are having a sale this week, why not click here to take a look?




2 responses

18 04 2011

Were these photos taken in a disabled toilet?!?!

19 04 2011

I hate you.

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