Review: Source Code

3 04 2011

Lazy Sundays, writing a blog post, no dead pigeons under my bed (see yesterday’s post) and above all, it’s a beautiful day outside.

Yesterday, I went to see the new Duncan Jones movie, Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. It’s about an Army Helicopter pilot named Colter Stephens (played by Gyllenhaal) who is part of a government project who use “quantum mechanics” to send him back into the final 8 minutes of a man’s life who was killed in a train bombing. Those 8 minutes are called the “source code” and Stephens has to use that time to first locate the bomb and then try to identify the bomber. The attacker is going to strike again so he has to keep going back into the same 8 minute sequence to try to figure it out… It’s what Ground Hog Day would look like if it was directed by Bin Laden. Well, it’s actually directed by David Bowie’s son – Duncan Jones (formerly Zowie Bowie) so that’s almost as weird. As a side note, Jones previously directed Moon starring Sam Rockwell, which was an eerie film that like Source Code also looked at the theme of using a person as a end to justify the means – even if that meant going against what is ethical.

The man whose final minutes he’s commandeered happens to be going for coffee with a beautiful lady, played by Monaghan, and wouldn’t you just know it, Stephens starts to fall in love with her after seeing her blown up multiple times. But this isn’t as saccharine as I thought from seeing the trailer and the dialogue between the characters on the train is snappy and entertaining if a little unpolished.  I liked the characters and was rooting for Stephens and Monaghan puts in a good turn as the attractive girl-next-door type. However,  I thought the whole Quantum Mechanics bit to explain how the source code works is a bit of a flimsy plot device –

“How are you doing this”

“Science and junk, stop asking questions!”

But despite the convenient paper-over-the-cracks explanation for the plot, there are twists and turns and you end up asking yourself how you’d figure out this little conundrum.

It’s a solid movie, with lots of thrills and spills as well as an interesting concept which Jones could have messed up royally if he wasn’t a talented director – If you have seen De Ja Vu with Denzel Washington you’d know what I was talking about! I’ll be interested to see what Jones directs next.


Now on to the business of the Maximuscle Promax competition. The winner is one Kim Murphy! If you would like to contact me using the tab on the right of the website with your delivery details, the prize will be making it’s way to you! Thankyou to everyone for participating, I will be running regular competitions in the future and am also looking for guest bloggers on the subjects of fitness, technology and men’s fashion – if you are interested, contact me via the site.

Enjoy your Sunday.





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