New Look 20% off Menswear

29 03 2011

I’ve just finished reading Frankie Boyle’s autobiography and Mrs D. is most relieved. I kept sniggering all the way through it and I’ve been dying to recite lines from it every 5 seconds but I don’t think women are too down with the Boyle. Must have something to do with him being a fucking maniac. I quote:

“I moved back to Scotland in time to see my daughter finish nursery. They had a cute little graduation ceremony and she sang a song about the continents. I lurked in the background with my boy, both of us drawn by the stange attractor of the buffet. We looked like two guys who didn’t care how many continents there were. Afterwards, one of the nursery assistants came by with a plate of cake. I snatched a big bit with a cry of ‘Cake!’ and bit into it. ‘That cake is for the children,’ she grimaced. I tried to make light of it by saying ‘All the sweeter!’ but blew crumbs everywhere as I did so. It’s so rare we get to see ourselves as others see us. That was a tragic time for it to happen to me”.

He really is a bizarre human being, but very funny. His book is called “My Shit Life So Far” and you can buy it here

What else do I have for you… let me see, oh yeah, New Look are offering 20% off all men’s clothing. I went into the store on Saturday, picked out some items and I have to say, I really like the t-shirt range; they’re a really good fit and come in some really nice colours, especially the Sao Paulo Tee (see below). As always, all products link to site and you can click here to see their full range!

Military V Neck Top - 14.99

Perforated Hooded Jacket - 40.00

Plain Zip Through Hoody - 14.99

Military Notch Neck Tee - 7.99

Raw Edge Y Neck Tee - 5.99

Sao Paulo T-Shirt 9.99

That’s all for today and don’t forget this week’s competition to win some Maximuscle Promax Powder. All you have to do is like The Superbite on Facebook using the link to the right and I’ll announce the winner on Sunday.





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