Maximuscle Competition

28 03 2011

To mark the launch of my new monthly sports injury column, I have teamed up with Maximuscle for your chance to win a tub of Promax to send you on your way to physical wellbeing! Each month, I will write about common sports injuries and what physio’s recommend to manage and recover from them. I’ll be providing some insight as I’ve had most sports injuries! If you would like me to discuss an injury in particular, feel free to contact me.

If you are lucky enough to win,  Promax will add the following to your workout:

  • Muscle recovery
  • Increased size & strength
  • Sports performance or getting lean

All you have to do is like The Superbite on Facebook by clicking on  column to the right and the winner will be announced this Sunday (3rd April) so check back then to see if you are the winner!

Good luck




3 responses

30 03 2011
stephen bradley

like this prize

2 04 2011
Cal Cocchiara

Promax is a high quality protein and a must if you’re serious about building muscle. I would definitely recommend.

4 04 2011

Im a big Maximuscle fan, I have seen weight loss of over 2.5 stone and muscle gains and definition at the same time, Promax is what id call the base supplement from Maximuscle. You can add creatine to it to aid youe strength goals or thermobol to help you lose weight a little faster.

The flavours are far from nasty and are some of the best tasting i have ever had. I think Promax is priced reasonably too. some find it pricey although i never regret spending my hard earned cash on the stuff that works best for me. If you are not a fan, i suggest you give it a go at least, you never know! Get prepared! Get PROMAX!!! Raaarrr! Hehe, But seriously, The products are very good and customer service is priceless, not to mention the helpful FB page,

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