Kurt Geiger Spring/Summer 2011 collection

26 03 2011

I want you to picture yourself a month from now. Spring has arrived, it’s 23 degrees, there’s a light breeze and the fibrous wisps of cirrus clouds hang in the sky. You’re walking through your local green space, the sun radiates the flax threads of your lightweight linen shirt whilst currents of air carry the citrus top notes of your cologne into the periphery of passers by.

Now I want you to picture your feet. What are you wearing?

Boots? Too heavy for the Spring.

Tissue Boxes like a vagrant sitting outside Wilkinsons? Not what I had in mind.

Espadrilles that you bought last summer? Uninspired.

Spring entails the unveiling of lighter tones such as creams, beige and off whites with splashes of colour. On the subject of the Art of Dressing, Hardy Amies remarked “To achieve a nonchalance that is absolutely necessary for a man, one article at least must not match”. An all white outfit makes you look like an unemployed yoga instructor so when you look down at your hypothetical feet, Kurt Geiger’s new range of Bleeker shoes should be staring back at you.

They’re available in 5 colours and the suede of the Bleeker provides a excellent light reflecting contrast to the cottons and linens of a Spring outfit.

All pictures link to the site and I thoroughly recommend checking out the other range of styles that are in their 2011 Spring/Summer collection. Come back for tomorrows post where I will review the new Neil Burger movie starring Bradley Cooper – Limitless




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