22 03 2011

Bonjour mes amis, comment allez-vous? Bon?

Everyone’s favourite contemporary Japanese clothes manufacturer , UNIQLO, are running a limited offer on all J+ designer clothing lines and you’d have to have had carried out your own full frontal lobotomy with a used slipper to pass this up. But you need to be like Dawn French on a Belgian Bun with this one as stocks are limited and the offer only runs until the end of the 27th March. You can get to the site by the link above or by clicking any of the pictures below which will take you straight to the products:

(+J) Wool Slim Fit Jacket - 99.99 (Was 199.99)

(+J) Down Vest - 89.99 (Was 129.99)

(+J) Stretch Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt - 24.99 (Was 39.99)

(+J) Compact Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve T Shirt A - 12.99 (Was 19.99)

(+J) Flat Front Trousers - 39.99 (Was 59.99)

(+J) Hand Stitch Belt - 19.99 (Was 29.99)

(+J)Cashmere Wool Stole + E 99.99 (Was 149.99)

(+J) Blocktech Jacket 89.99 - (Was 129.99)

(+J) Linen Cotton V Neck Cardigan - 39.99 (Was 59.99)




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