Wolf and Badger £50 off promo

20 03 2011

Far from the glamour and glitz of the London fashion scene, I transported myself into my mid-fifties and have been potting plants, trimming bushes and accidentally killing worms with a shovel. I’m still not quite over the grief.

I joke about being in my mid fifties but sometimes I don’t recognise the world I grew up in anymore. I was just sitting with Mrs D. and she was watching some televisual abortion that goes by the name of The Only Way is Essex and they were talking about Vajazzling… apparantly it’s some kind of genital decorating? From the look of some of the girls on the show, they need worry less about Vajazzling and more about having a bath… in Dettol.

Just to add some glamour to my Sunday, I wanted to talk about a new boutique that I’ve discovered who are the intermediaries for some really up and coming designers/brands such as Domingo Rodriguez, Huxley, Braille and Moncrief. I can (and in the future will) write a whole post on every one of these designers but there’s a very cool reason that Wolf and Badger are my main focus this fine Sunday afternoon. They have just celebrated their first year anniversary by having a bash, not inviting me, then sending me an email after the event telling me I was invited… sigh.

Wolf and Badger

But like some co-dependent sap, I still love them and since they’ve given me a promotional code that entitles all readers of The Superbite to £50 off online orders when you spend over £150… so you could effectively get £150 worth of items for a measly £100: You couldn’t even fill your car’s petrol tank up for that nowadays… sorry all that gardening has made me sound like a Daily Mail reader, must be something in the Weedol.

The promotional code is ABC50 and is valid until the end of March. You can get to the site through the banner or click the following to Shop now at Wolf and Badger. Here are my top picks from the site:

Huxley – Benjamin Benton through his brand Huxley is on a mission to introduce colour into the wardrobe of every stylish man, and can think of nothing better than a purple jumper paired with orange brogues. Advocates of preserving British heritage, Huxley knitwear is produced in Scotland by a company established in 1874 and their socks are made by a family-owned firm that boasts four generations of experience.

Coral Wool Cardigan - 95.00

Belt - 55.00

Cobalt Blue Vee - 85.00

Braille – East London based duo Ben Vorono and Samuel Kientsch launched Braille with their debut collection in 2010, propelling their modernist perspective onto the world of men’s fashion. The philosophy behind the brand is experimental yet beautifully simple: each piece is made to be sculptured and draped in an avant-garde manner, but the main appeal lies in the choice of materials and their tactile appeal, hence the brand’s name.

Contrast Blazer - 465.00

Back Seam Trousers Teal - 230.00

Drummer Shirt - 170.00

Posthuman Wardrobe – Nim Gadhia launched Posthuman Wardrobe in September 2010. With extensive experience in the world of menswear, Gadhia has applied his knowledge of Saville row tailoring and Olympic standard sportswear to his perfectly cut yet remarkably practical collection. With extreme physical disciplines in mind, Gadhia’s work is unique in its commitment to the evolution of traditional men’s dressing.

Fear Jacket - 545.00

Kickass Mac - 645.00

Red Mist Jacket - 585.00




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