Review: Battle Los Angeles

17 03 2011

The same part of me that craves KFC even though I know it’ll make me feel like crap afterwards was kind of looking forward to this film. I saw a trailer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and although it looked a bit brainless, the battle scenes looked quite gritty a la Band of Brothers.

Aaron Eckart is the lead and I loved him in Thankyou For Smoking so that added to my expectations. However, it’s like one guy was in charge of the battle scenes and one horrible, disgusting human-being was in charge of the dialogue. It got to the point where there was so much schmultzy nonsense, I thought I’d inadvertantly gone to some sort of parody movie – I was laughing, but I’m not sure that was the aim of the Director. The audience had to endure several Marines’ back stories fudged into the story-line even though in retrospect, they were all kind of pointless and blended into one.

The idea, aliens invading from space, has been done tons of times but due to the battle scenes being on the ground, I think this film had something going for it. Another positive was that the aliens looked pretty scary which when you think about it, is actually quite rare. Still, it doesn’t excuse the fact that they wheeled out the following tired plotlines:

A sergeant with a tortured past, one day away from retirement.

Michelle Rodriguez playing a tough military chick with a chip on her shoulder.

The team leader with a pregnant wife on his first day out of military academy.

When I saw Michelle Rodriguez my heart sank; surely even she’s tired of playing the same old parts. But as much as the dialogue made me cringe, my heart started to beat faster when the soldiers were engaging the enemy in suburban backyards. Complete nonsense, but if like me you have no self respect, knock yourself out.





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