Man Skills pt 4 : Escape a sinking car

16 03 2011

Don’t know how to jump start a car? Treat a snakebite? Survive in a desert? The Superbite is going to be here each week, telling you about skills you never thought you’d need – but are quite frankly awesome.

Don’t you just hate it when your car flies off of a bridge at 60 mph crashing into the murky depths of you local river/lake? Well you don’t have to worry about pesky drowning anymore!

So we’ve all seen the movies, you’re in your car it looks quite tempted to float for a bit but then there’s that awful noise and you start going under… what do you do?

Step 1. Lower your window

No I’m not kidding! If your windows can still lower and you have the presence of mind to do so, get that window down before the care starts to submerge. Best case scenario, you’ll be able to wiggle out straight away and swim to safety. Worst case, water coming into the car will help you by equalising the pressure to let you get the door open. Just take a deep breath! The electrics may start to fail pretty quickly so do this first and tell your passengers to do the same as you have a small timeframe and it’s your best chance of escape. You can worry about seatbelts and doors after.

Step 2. Release your seatbelt

I think the time to be safety conscious passed when you drove off that bridge. You wazzock.

Step 3. Dont panic

You’re going under. There’s no changing that but by staying calm and thinking objectively, you will keep you’re heart rate steady and conserve your oxygen.

Step 4. Get that window open

The electric windows have failed but fear not – The front windscreen is reinforced so you wont be able to break that but there’s always kicking the crap out of the side/or back window. If you have a steering lock or emergency hammer – even better!

Step 5. The waiting game

If you can’t get the door open and water is sinking in, there is still hope. The more water that fills the car, the greater the equalisation which means the door will become easier to open. What were you worried about?




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