New Look free delivery

15 03 2011

I totally forgot to mention yesterday: I got so wrapped up telling you about my (lack of) snowboard skills that I forgot that I saw someone nearly die!

There I was, standing in the queue for the gondola talking to a man I’d met at the hotel, when a guy in front of us fell backwards letting out a terrible noise. At first I thought he was epileptic and having a fit, then his eyes started to bulge and he looked like he couldn’t breathe. I did what any responsible citizen would do: yelled in the voice of a 13 year old boy “is there a doctor!?!”

What a hero.

However, some people more capable than myself took charge of the situation and started giving him CPR. Crowds were starting to form, staff had started to arrive, and since they looked like they had the situation under control I felt a bit crass gawping at him, so we moved along.

At the end of the day I checked in with the desk staff to see if he was ok, but they didn’t understand English and “Did the man survive his cardiac arrest?” was way out of my vocab range. It’s only when I got back and went on the internet did I find out the full story.

The man, a Belgian who looked like he knew his way around a wheel of brie did have a heart attack. The guy who came to help him was an English doctor, specialising in cardiac medicine! Not only that, because he collapsed where he did and not in a hotel room on his own, he had staff trained on a defibrillator, several skiers with first aid knowledge and the mountain rescue helicopter to take him to hospital. I really thought he was a gonner, but he survived and is now stable in hospital… isn’t that something?

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there! I initially started writing to tell you about a one day sale that New Look are offering free delivery on all orders up to midnight tomorrow (Wednesday 16th March). Visit the site here and code is FOOTIEDEL because it’s supposed to get you away from watching the England game… or something?

Sounds nonsensical but I wont be turning my nose up at free delivery, especially since they’re still having a mid season sale with up to 50% off. If you need more convincing, here are some cool items that like directly to the website, enjoy!

Stripe Shirt - 18.99

Breton Stripe Hoody - 24.99

Rolled Up Checked Shirt - 18.99

2 in 1 Button Neck Jumper - 22.99

Ticking Stripe Shorts - 20.00

Cuffed Chino - 24.99

Plain Plimsoll - 7.99

Floral Swimming Shorts - 12.99

Canvas Boat Shoes - 14.99




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