Mac attack!

14 03 2011

It’s a beautiful day today – the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I got to wear my ASOS trench coat for the first time since I received it for Christmas!

In the “great” British climate,  a coat is a must. Barring a couple of weeks in June/July, you need to wear a coat of some form or another and a trench coat is just the right thickness and length to wear in the Spring months. Upon closer inspection, mine is 100% cotton, easy to iron with a small amount of man-made fabric on the inner sleeve which makes the coat easy to take off and put on. The late couturier Hardy Amies commented that, “Anyone with a feeling for clothes will not want to wear a coat longer than the knee” and that’s another great thing about this coat – if you’re wearing an awesome pair of shoes or jeans, people really get an eyeful; it ticks all the boxes people!

I like the idea of wearing a flash of colour under the coat as a bit of a contrast! Here’s the link to the coat on the ASOS website as well as several other delectable variations that I’ve found:

ASOS Long Mac - 70.00

Burberry Double breasted trench coat - £525.00

Armani Coat Belted Trench Coat - now £149.00

Burberry Stone Packable Trench Coat - 395.00

PS Paul Smith Tan Washed Cotton Summer Pea Coat - 335.00

Gucci Belted coat - 899.00




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