Snow days…

13 03 2011

I’m back!

I’ve had a great week snowboarding and I really think that I’ve improved… I only fell down 200 times instead of my previous total of 2000.

It struck me that boardwear and winter sport fashion is fundamentally different from the debonair men’s fashion which is a regular fixture on this site! These were the brands that were the most popular on the slopes and where I could have gone the extra mile and asked the complete strangers to pose for photos I’m afraid that, even I, am not that weird. I did take a series of mental (in all senses of the word) picture of those mofo’s and have linked the items to their sites:

Board: Burton Custom X snowboard, 440.00

Gilet: North Face Nuptse Gilet (New Taupe Green) 90.00

Hoodie: Franklin and Marshall FLMC049 Hoody, The Menswear Site, 85.00

Goggles: Anon Helix, 44.99

Trousers: Burton GMP Cargo Pant, £149.95

Boots: ThirtyTwo lashed FT Snowboard Boots, £143.95

Helmet: Giro G10, 109.99

And if you need any proof of how awesome at snowboarding I am, here are my top 3 slip, trips and falls… I thought I’d put them in order of how much they hurt just to give you some sense of proportion – enjoy!

3. Just to prove I can do it – Are you ready for some mediocre snowboard skills?


2. After initially taking a child-size kicker, I decide to fling myself off of it:


1. Building up my speed to launch off of a ramp, I decide to smash straight into the side! I really hurt my ribs so this one is officially the winner!


The North Face Nuptse Gilet – New Taupe Green




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