Let's get ready to rumble…

8 03 2011

I may be in France snowboarding but I am with you in spirit today. You can probably feel the smugness eminating from the screen.. I also hate it when you have to act pseudo excited when someone else says they’re going on holiday. It’s even worse when they get back and you can tell that they’re dare I say it… happy?

But hey, it’s short lived though so c’est la vie!

I’ve been saving my legs this week for snowboarding as I’ve been running, playing football and cycling and my knees where starting to complain a little bit. But once I get back, I really want to try out rumble circuits which is a different way of approaching your gym sessions. The focus is less on how many exercises you do, more on fitting as many intense sessions as possible into an allotted time period. Need more convincing?

The benefits:

  • Perfect stamina training for high energy sports such as squash, swimming, athletics.
  • Provides an element of focus to your workout – no more staring into space between sets!
  • Adds a new dimension to your hum-drum gym routine.

“How does it work?” I hear you sort of mumble under your breath. Simple. Pick a quiet time at your gym as you’ll be moving quickly to different machines, prepare a list of exercises before you go to the gym (see below), take a period of time, it may be short to begin with if you’ve never done this before, 25 minutes for example or 30-60 minutes for if you’re more advanced and then fire through these without rest. If you’ve got a stopwatch set it running and when it hits your time limit, see how far you’ve worked down the list. Come back another day and try to get further. Need inspiration for exercises? See below…

Bench dips – 100 reps in total

Dumb-bell press-up rows (5-10kg) – 50 reps in total

Body weight squats – 100 reps in total

Bar-bell curl and press (20kg) – 50 reps in total 

Side plank – 3 minutes each side in total 
Crunches – 200 reps in total 
Lunges – 50 reps each leg in total

Plate row (10-20kg) – 100 reps in total 

Leg lowers – 100 reps in total 
Row – 4 x 500m efforts 
Treadmill – 2 x 800m efforts 
Cycle – 2 x 2km efforts

Some energy replacement and recovery supplements will really benefit this workout so I’d recommend drinking a sports recovery drink like Viper before, during and after exercise and if you plan on keeping up your other sporting interests between sessions use Recovermax to aid muscle recovery and boost your immune system. That’s all for now, happy exercising… you’ll thank me when you have all that extra energy!




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