Apple iPad 2 preview

3 03 2011

Last night the iPad 2 was shown at Apple’s base in Yerba Buena, San Francisco. Despite reports that he was not going to be in attendance, Steve Jobs took centre stage to demonstrate what the second edition tablet could do.

In his customary turtle neck sweater and faded blue jeans, Jobs looked thin but well with the show being beamed to venues all over the world. The iPad 2 will take several forms, such as the standard 16GB version to the top end 64GB model with WiFi and 3G enabled.

It wasn’t that long ago since the first edition was released. The original iPad was launched in January 2010 and originally met doubts as to whether there was a market for something that did the same job as a laptop but was effective a bigger Ipod touch… but never underestimate the  loyalty of the Apple customer base, the prestige of a new Apple product is like crack to them!

Looking at various reports, there aren’t any Earth shattering upgrades from the first model, but there are some major improvements: lighter, a third slimmer, 10 hour battery time and an increased processing speed which makes this model twice as fast as the original for an equal cost. Potential buyers might also be won over by the addition of a camera configured for video calls and a smart cover which magnetically clasps the front screen to protect it from scratches.

I can’t say I’m completely on board with the idea of tablets, but Apple must be doing something right as HP, HTC and Blackberry are all scrambling to release their own versions in time for the iPad 2 release on the 25th of March.




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