Attention! Grey suits and Charlie Sheen is mental. That is all.

2 03 2011

“I have tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA”.

Oh Charlie Sheen! He really has provided me with more entertainment in 24 hours than 2 and half men did in 6 years. I loved Charlie Sheen in Platoon; playing a young soldier in Vietnam, trying to make sense of the madness around him. Now it seems he has grabbed the madness, had sex with it and has proceeded to ride it off into the sunset.

I’m going to tell you about a really great item to have in your wardrobe today: a grey suit. The real asset is their versatility; you can wear a grey suit to a meeting, client visit or a wedding and still look great. If you still don’t believe me, shame on you – you should know better by now. Here are some well dressed devils rocking a grey suit:

Mad Men

Daniel Craig

Ryan Gosling

Some great examples of how versatile the grey suit can be. From the Brooks Brothers 1950’s sack suit, lapels rolled to the middle button with a six, button five waistcoat to the contemporary single breasted number sported by Ryan Gosling. There is a great grey suit for every price range and since you can wear it to any number of occasions, it will pay off in spades. Let’s explore your options and I’ve linked all pictures to their sites so feel free to click through…

Save a lot:

Grey Sharkskin Skinny Suit, Topman - £150

Slim fit Grey Suit, ASOS - £95

Save a little:

WORLDS Single breasted one button suit with slanted pockets, Ted Baker - £460

Heath Two Button Lapel Grey Suit, Reiss - £450

Raid your savings:

Two button suit, Paul Smith - £675

Hugo Boss Black Mid Grey Check Wool Contemporary Suit - £475

Save your breath:

Micro Two-piece Suit, Yves Saint Lauren, Matches - £1410

Grey Single Button Suit, Gieves and Hawkes - £1250

Save me Jebus:

Ozwald Boatend Bespoke Grey Suit - At least £3000

Grey Single Button Suit



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