London Fashion Week Mens day highlights

25 02 2011

Today’s post will cover the London Fashion Week highlights. I’m very sorry to say this, and I can’t comment on the shows I haven’t seen, but looking through those I have, there isn’t much to write home about. It’s annoying as I was really looking forward to seeing the collections after reading the interviews in the runup to men’s day.

Lots of knits, colours, novelty and fun but I couldn’t help shake the sense that this was more temporary fashion than timeless style. Sibling designs demonstrate my point:

Thanks to GQ UK for pictures

I don’t know if I’m hopelessly out of touch but if you say “panda balaclava”, I think “mental health act”.

There were some highlights however and one of them was the Dunhill collection. After reading the interview with Jason Beckley (the global marketing director) who says that this season, inspiration was drawn from “True luxury British menswear – beautiful, contemporary clothing which has a timeless elegance. One of the sources of inspiration for this collection for instance was the Mallory and Irvine Everest attempt in 1924.”

I could definitely see where they were coming from as there were some finely cut blazers and pieces using high quality silk and al paca. I’m not sure about the tan shoes and black gloves but hey, see what you think:

Alfred Dunhill Menswear


I really liked some of the heritage wear on display here. Chunky knits, cuffed trousers and messenger bags played a large part in this collection. In terms of casual wear, this was certainly the highlight for me. I’ve also found someone who stocks them which wasn’t easy (linked above).

E Tautz

This is more like it. I think E Tautz were one of the few larger labels to produce something special this season. I really like the deep reds, ocean blues combined with the textured linen of the double breasted jackets and soft collared shirts. Patrick Grant from E Tautz stated in his interview with GQ online that his sense of style is influenced by Chariot’s of fire, yesteryear English sportswear which, I think really comes through.




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27 02 2011

Very nice, thanks for the overviews! Seems quite sharp, unlike the few last minute shows I caught for New York Fashion week – a post on their unwearability coming up at some point soon! Was at LFW last season and agreeably found things quite crisp. Also love the fact that mens 3 piece suits are back on the map! (

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