London Fashion Week Menswear day + New Look Menswear

23 02 2011

Good morning to you,

It’s the London Fashion Week Men’s day so I thought I’d preview that a bit and also talk about a new merchant which as our American cousins would say “I’m psyched about”. Did I say that right?

GQ UK are running a neat section where they ask the designers/creative directors of the labels on show today some set questions. They’re pretty run of the mill “What music are you using”, “What film influenced your sense of style?” etc etc. All pretty harmless right?

Wrong. I have the upmost respect for a lot of the houses in question but sweet baby mama these guys are pretentious. “Fashionistas? Pretentious?” shock headline I know, but there is absolutely no reason why looking good and taking an interest in men’s style has to go hand in hand with being inaccessible.

For instance Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery from Sibling comment that “trying too hard is always bad news”. Obviously Gordon Richardson from Topman Design isn’t taking their own advice to heart, listing ‘look at how cultured I am’ favourite films like “Alain Delon in Plein Soleil and David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth to Jean Paul Belmondo in À Bout De Souffle“.

Give me a break. It’s Porkies. He knows it. I know it.

Listening to these guys can tie you up in knots sometimes. Patrick Grant from E.Tautz says that denim is a fashion mistake, whilst the guys at Sibling list Kevin Bacon in Footloose as their favourite movie performance, double denim and all.

I think like footballers, these guys obviously know their onions when it comes to their jobs. But again, like footballers, they are not an authority on how to live your life. It’s easy to be overawed by the nonsense; just take in the shows and make up your own mind.

With that in mind, here are some excellent pieces of fashion advice that I’ve picked whilst leaving out the comments that are so ridiculous they’d  make you spit out your tea.

I know I’m judging people who I’ve just criticised for judging others but what can I say? It’s how I sleep at night.

What do most men get wrong in their outfits?

Jason Beckley, Dunhill: Proportion! Men need to understand their body shape, and dress to complement it. In addition, there are many of us out there who need to realise that although it looks good on Tinie Tempah, it isn’t necessarily going to look good on you! Have your own style – be confident and be elegant.

Oliver Spencer: The shoes, pay attention to the shoes.

What’s your style tip for summer?

Gordon Richardson, Topman Design: Keep it simple. Chinos look set to be the item of the summer, worn with either espadrilles or a chukka boot. Anything that has an authentic heritage look seems to dominate trends right now, from the humble denim shirt to a classic cagoule to a summer trench, all of which are key wardrobe essentials for the season.

The link to the interviews can be found at and I hope you found it interesting, I know I did.

Moving on, I was on the high street this weekend when Mrs D. dragged me into New Look. “Here we go again” I thought with the prospect of meandering aimlessly around another ladies shop – but wait a minute! New Look now stock men’s clothing and it’s actually pretty good! I’ve attached a discount code for 20% off and picked some items from the site which are all linked. You can visit the site here and I really like the “Varsity Style” section.

Baseball Stripe Cardigan £24.99

Cuffed Chino £24.99

Rolled Up Sleeve Shirt £18.99

Suede Military Boot now £30.00, was £49.99

Brushed Leather Boot £44.99

Contrast Polo Tee £9.99

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Every day this week, there will be an offer live on the New Look site. But remember – you’ve got to be quick – each deal only lasts 24 hours!




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