Man Skills pt 1: Bow Ties

18 02 2011

As I rode my bike up to my home trying to think of funny acronyms that I could use at work, my front wheel hit the curb and I whacked my groin onto a protruding part of my handlebars. That’s when I knew it was going to be a good day.

I’m not at work tomorrow so this is technically my Friday night… and I’m spending it blogging. In your face social scene!

Men’s day at London Fashion Week is coming up next week so I’ll be writing some posts so by the time it rolls around next Wednesday you’ll be excited to the point of vomiting. Just to get things started, I’m going to do a brief post an an essential piece of men’s knowledge – tying a bow tie in 8 steps! Don’t start salivating yet (what is it with me and body functions today?!?) But don’t just take my word for it, here are some well dressed characters to demonstrate:

1. As with a normal tie, drape around your neck under the collar. If you’re stuck already, turn off now as I can’t help you!

2. Cross the tie, one side over the other, leaving a loop around your neck big enough to work with.

3. Pull the longest side under and the shorter and pull it up.

4. With the shorter side, fold it round as it’s going to form the basis of your bow!

5. Pull down the longer side of the tie.

6. Shape the longer side to pull it round the back.

7. Thread it through

8.  Proceed in looking awesome.









Once you’ve mastered that, here are some ties that are available in cyberspace:

Red White Spot Adjustable Bow Tie, TM Lewin: £39

Burgundy Cream Barber Stripe Adjustable Bow Tie, TM Lewin: £39

Paul Smith Knitted dot bow tie, House of Fraser: £85.00




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