You plum

17 02 2011


Weird day today for a lot of different reasons – my cat has somehow managed to systematically move all her belongings onto my neighbours shed roof via the catflap. Sort of sums things up quite nicely I feel!

I entered a competition on the ASOS website where you could win your dream item every hour on the site but alas, I missed out. Since I’ve been really getting into the idea of rolled up chinos/cords in the spring, I chose some plum trousers which really fit the bill. Looking at the winners list, they’re pretty much all women! This means one of two things – ASOS have intentionally picked women to win the competition, which I don’t believe or secondly, guys are so hideously underrepresented in this competition that it’s a crime I haven’t won anything! It aint right!

As part of the conditions for me winning I said that I would wear them and take a picture on my site. Obviously I can’t do that now so here is a collage (too camp – clothes mash up?) I’ve thrown together:

Shirt – Topman Grey Oxford Shirt £24
Trousers – Monkee Genes Baby Cord Skinny (now sold out at ASOS but available here!)
Shoes – Superdry CAMPUS: £30




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