Need for speed!

8 02 2011

You’re coming round to the last 500 metres of your race. You’ve been tailing a guy for the last two miles, he’s served his purpose and it’s time to step up your pace and leave him behind. Job done… or is it? The finish line is in sight and you’ve opened your stride but you see someone in your periphery. A race to the finish line perhaps? You know it’s on, he knows it’s on. But have you got anything left in the tank?

Today’s article will be about speed and how you get it! People think that not everyone can be fast and to an extent it’s true, but everyone can be fast-er.

Wednesdays at my running club are devoted to speed training and something we do quite often are pyramid drills. There’s a straight public walkway that’s a couple of miles long in our town, so we start one end and do the following:

3 mins running in one direction (70% pace)

When your watch bleeps run back to the start. 2 mins rest.

1.5 mins running one direction (80% pace)

Again, when your watch bleeps run back to the start. 1 min rest.

Repeat this 3 times. You’re obviously going to be freshest the first time round, so make a mental note of how far you get before your watch bleeps and keep trying to get to that point every repetition. Do this once a week to compliment your other training and you’ll notice that you will really have a bit extra towards the ends of your run. When you find it’s getting easier, try increasing the increments to 4 and 2 minute sets.

Just to help you get started, I’ve teamed up with Maximuscle and JJB Sports to recommend some products that will help you with your speed drills. A good watch is essential and as the drills will take it out of you I’ve also included some products to aid your recovery. (pictures linked to site)

1. Polar RS300X G1 Heart Rate Monitor Price: £179.99

2. Adidas miCoach Pacer Price: £119.99

3. LIVESTRONG Lunarhaze+ LAF Mens Running Trainers: £89.99

Adidas adiStar Salvation 2 Mens Running Trainers Price: £99.99

Viper Boost Capsules - £19.99

Recovermax 750g: £29.99

1. Polar RS300X G1 Heart Rate Monitor: Get all the essential heart rate features with this simple to use training computer which comes with a GPS sensor to measure your speed and distance when on the move.

2. Adidas miCoach Pacer Bundle: Combines a pacer device, stride sensor and heart rate monitor to give you a complete picture of your run. Compatible with all MP3 and media players, the Mi Coach Pacer gives you instructions as you listen to your favourite music.

3. Nike LIVESTRONG Lunarhaze+ LAF: For a supreme spring in your running step, the LIVESTRONG Lunarhaze+ LAF offers dynamic cushioning, and runner-specific support. Featuring lightweight Lunarlon shock absorption for a bouncy ride, these men’s Nike+ trainers are all about your running performance. With a Dynamic Support platform which adapts to your changing stride throughout every run – the LIVESTRONG Lunarhaze+ delivers individual support for the ultimate running experience.

4. Adidas adiStar Salvation 2 Mens Running Trainers: Stay in control and enjoy the ultimate ride with the adidas adiStar Salvation 2 running trainers. A truly modern running shoe, the men’s adiStar Salvation 2 has a unique design to offer over-pronators the perfect blend of comfort and support. Featuring adaptable Extended Torsion System support, a shock-absorbing adiPrene+ midsole and Pro-Moderator stability in the heel, the adidas adiStar Salvation 2 corrects the roll of your foot and provides a dynamic push-off.

5. Viper boost caps: A unique research formulated blend of smart-nutrients designed to boost focus, mental drive and alertness before or during important training sessions, events and matches.

6. Recovermax: Fast-acting blend takes advantage of post-exercise physiology to kick-start your recovery and get you back in peak condition faster.




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