Superdry 10% off promotional code

6 02 2011

Just letting you know that are currently running a promotional offer of 10% off your first order when you register on the site. All pictures link to the site.

• 10% Off First Order When You Register at Superdry
• Code – ‘WSUPER10’
Start date – 3rd Feb 2011
End date – 17th Feb 2011

I’ve just written an article about how much I like the latest Superdry belts (link here) but I’ve checked out the site for a new Spring wardrobe and here are my picks:

Field of Play t-shirt: £29.99

Tokyo brand belt: £44.99

Hi-12 flock t-shirt: £24.99

Orange label hood: £49.99

Vintage logo haversack: £34.99

Standard blue straight: £64.99

Fives jogger pant: £49.99

New panner boot: £150.00

Pea jacket lite £144.99




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