Best of the Spring Collections Part 1

5 02 2011

As a follow on from my Pop Colour! piece I wrote the other day, I thought I’d summarise my favourite items from the Spring collections I’ve seen so far. There’s a range of designers – from high street to high fashion, value to premium prices so feel free to have a look and as usual, all the pictures are linked to their associated sites.

(J+) Light Cotton Jacket (Available from mid-March) - £129.99

(+J) Cotton Twill Military Parka - £149.99

(+J)Cotton Twill Military Jacket - £149.99

UNIQLO – This is perhaps the most unique Spring Collection. Where as a lot of designers are choosing vivacious “Pop Colours” that I wrote about in an earlier blog, UNIQLO have designed a range which has put a heavy emphasis on beige, black, red, blue and whites. Their promotional material for this collection states that the collection employs nomadic themes; using earthy beiges and browns combined with vivid colours of the desert such as deep blues and fiery reds. It’s a step change away from the other Spring collections but I like it and I think it will prove very popular.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere Jersey V-Neck - £325.00

Polo Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Mesh Polo - £70.00

Chino Vintage Officer's Pant - £120.00

Ralph Lauren – A colourful collection but again, not exactly aligning with the Pop Colour theme this season. It may be just me, but I think the American designers have gravitated more towards colourful pastels as opposed to block colours. The rolled up chino pant is a continuation of the utility workwear theme that we’re going to be seeing a lot of this Spring.

H&M Red Trousers - £14.99

H&M Rounded Hem Shirt - £19.99

H&M Polo Shirt - £7.99

H&M combines the two concepts of elemental beiges, whites and greys with the bright Spring colours. The fresh style combines with incredible value.




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