Superdry Belts

2 02 2011

Just lost our football match 3-0 and I played like a one legged monkey. I don’t know how it happens, every week I play badly and then in the run-up to the next game I forget that I suck.

I’ve been cruising the internet so you don’t have to and I really like these Men’s belts from Superdry! There are numerous reasons why I like these belts: the bold metal buckles and their detailed casting, the 1950’s pastel enamel colouring or the intricate designs branded onto the leather (see the vintage belt far left). I can’t confess to liking everything Superdry do as being to my taste but although I’m sure these belts are machine-made, there’s an element of craftsmanship to them.

I know it sounds glib and I’m not trying to trivialise the issue but they remind me of the Soviet Union belt that was bought in Afghanistan and then given to Mrs D. I love that belt, not as an ironic fashion piece, although the detailed, bronze, hammer and sickle is strangely beautiful, but because there’s probably such in interesting story behind it. I sometimes think about the soldier who owned it and what happened to him in the heat and dust.

Vintage Logo Belt £39.99

Thunderbird Belt - £34.99

Brass Pump Hand Belt - £34.99

Enamel Pure 75 Belt - £34.99

Enamel Electronic Belt - £34.99

Brass Arizona "66" Belt - £34.99




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