Another Valentine's day gift idea

31 01 2011

Pretty pretty cold today, but I still braved the temperature for a 10km run. As a treat I bought one of those chocolate melt in the middle desserts. I bought one for me, one for Mrs D. and after two minutes of looking at the label she asked the dreaded question all men fear: “There’s 530 calories in one of these, instead of having one each, can we share?”

I cannot legislate the chill in my blood and now I am eating just half a co-op melt in the middle chocolate pot… it’s inhumane. The things you do for love.

On that note, I’ve been putting some Valentine’s day gifts on here and this caught my eye: personalised m&m’s! I haven’t thought it through yet but I’m pretty sure they are the perfect gift for any occasion!

And they say romance is dead!





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