Valentines Gifts for Her

29 01 2011

What is it about car insurance that makes you want to go into hibernation? Yes I rolled my car into a wall but I still prefer blaming those who make false injury claims for the reason my premiums have gone up… why? Shut up, that’s why.

The month of February is upon us, you’ve just been paid and I bet you’re feeling pretty smug with yourself aren’t you? Well wipe that smile off your face because you’ve forgotten that Valentine’s day is just around the corner so if you haven’t booked a restaurant, do it.

“Chill out! I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll remember”

No you wont! And I think I know, that I know, that you know you wont. So there.

Luckily for you, The Superbite (TM Patent Pending) has come to your rescue again. Yes, I’ve persuaded Mrs D. to look through some sites of my choosing so here is a woman’s, of impeccable taste may I add, view of what your lady is hoping for on Valentines day. As one final favour I’ve linked the images to the site… you’re welcome!

Hand Expert Collection - £25 (Use promotional code SHEA30 to receive a free Winter Survival Kit!)

Agent Provocateur Love Red demi-bra and suspender set - £160

Space NK Eye Definer Brush Chantecaille - £27.00 Black and Grey Rabbit Fur Scarf - was £45.00, now £37.53

Agent Provocateur Kiki Kimono - £450.00

Marc Jacobs Daisy eau de toilette 100ml, Selfridges - £56.00

Sparkling Rose & Carnation Cube Arrangement - £34.99 (use promo code PASSION and Interflora will include a free box of chocolates)

Ultimate 100 Rose Hand-tied - £499.99 (use promo code PASSION and Interflora will include a free box of chocolates)

Dramatic Dozen with Champagne - £64.95 (use promo code PASSION and Interflora will include a free box of chocolates)

So there you have it – from the value for money to the extravagant, the unconventional to the traditional Valentine’s day flowers, Mrs D. has chosen something for everyone!

Just to reiterate – don’t put it off, you’ll forget and then you’ll be giving her carnations from the Esso garage. And that wont end well for you my friend!





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