I'm back! Highlights from Paris Fashion Week

28 01 2011

Sweet Lord that was an ordeal! As regular readers will no doubt be aware, the site has been down for the most part of this week. I thought I’d lost it all which made me realise just how much work I’ve put into it. I don’t think I’ve ever applied myself to something like this in my life:

Cricket – Quit. But in fairness it’s boring.

Kickboxing – Quit. Didn’t like getting punched in the head.

Playing the drums – Currently residing in my aunts attic.

… you get the idea! So after a few frustrated conversations with a call centre in India, they’ve sorted it out for me (thankyou!) and I’ve also learnt that the suspension coil snapping on my car is a common problem so Mercedes are fixing it for free… wahoooooo!

This was the article I was in the middle of writing before my website went batshit. Highlights from the Paris Fashion Week: as an overview, I wasn’t as impressed with Paris as I was with Milan this season (get me!) but there were definitely some highlights which I’ve detailed below. My merchant partners such as Far Fetch and my-wardrobe.com stock a lot of ready to wear pieces from these designers so I’ve linked them to the relevant sites. Thanks to GQ.co.uk for the pictures.

Louis Vuitton – Starting with  a sophisticated cosmopolitan collection from Vuitton. I really like the cut of the jacket pictured far right and the velvet effect on a suit jacket is a modern twist on an old classic. The leather document sleeve is also a nice addition for any city worker with style.

Agnes B Menswear – I’d go as far to say that this was my favourite collection from Paris. I was ahead of the curve with the checks this season (see earlier posts if you don’t believe me). I desperately want a tan raincoat plus I’m a big fan of oranges and greys so the piece closest to the left is possibly my top of the pops!

Kenzo Menswear: I don’t know too much about Kenzo although I’m familiar with their fragrances. The pieces are really bold and striking with an emphasis on luggage pieces. I really like the stripes and checks too so I’ll be looking forward to seeing more from them.

Hermes – A solid effort from Hermes. Impeccably classy with a nod to the contemporary.

Yves Saint Laurent – A quintessentially classic French look. I love the piece on the left with the olive turtleneck as it looks something that Yves would have worn himself in the sixties.

ACNE – The typically cool Scandinavian look; the pieces that I like have an emphasis on leather document sleeves and flashes of Spring colours. The piece on the right seems to be taking the lead for the “modern mod” look that is going to take the UK by storm.




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