Fashion blog outfit of the week.

24 01 2011

Hi everyone,

Just shelled out £128 for a new set of tyres and they also found my suspension coil has snapped – next thing you know they’ll discover the engine is made out of jacobs crackers. I hate cars.

So to wallow in my misery I thought I’d knock up an outfit using some stores I really like which I could have bought with the money I am currently spending on my car… joy! If you like what I’ve put together you can get to them using the links below. D.

Waistcoat: Reiss Santiago Jersey Waistcoat – was £79.00, now £19.00

Hat: Reiss Biggs Stripe Linen Hat – was £29.00, now £15.00

T-Shirt: Topman Grey Front and Back T-Shirt – £10.00

Belt: Garden Casual Studded Leather Belt

Jeans: Paul Smith Creased Folded, – was £136.67, now £82.00

Shoes: Paul Smith Musa, £45.00 was £90.00




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