Exercise Advice with Maximuscle

22 01 2011

My week went from bad to worse this week after the accident repair centre told me that they noticed my steering alignment was off and quoted me £600 to repair it! I’ve just had the necessary work done and have taken the money black hole that is my car to a different mechanics for a second opinion – Jeez!

So to take my mind off it, me and Mrs D. decided not to cook tonight and I now have a belly full of fish and chips! I’m still an advocate of healthy living so I went to the gym beforehand to do the following (all pictures link to video demos on the Maximuscle site):

Lat Pulldown: If you are trying to get that V-Shape back then this is the exercise! I’ve linked to the video here for a demonstration so fill your boots!

Find what works for you but I pulled about 3 x 12 reps of 40kg

Single Leg Squat: I did a slight variation on this exercise where I did the same action (a lunge) but didn’t use a bench to suspend my back leg on. Instead, I performed the exercise with a 20kg barbell on my shoulder to increase the intensity. If you do any sport that involves the need for a burst of speed, I really recommend this one as it is a concentrated workout for you hamstrings and glutes which is the hub of acceleration. A huge amount of power comes from here so if you want to shave seconds off your running time or gain that extra yard of pace for football or rugby, try and work this into your routine at least once a week. (Click here for a demo)

Lying Triceps Extension: I know a dozen tricep exercises that I’ve performed over the years and no lie, this is the most effective. The next day I can really feel that my triceps have been worked and my football throw-ins have gained an extra couple of metres and that was just in a couple of weeks – Immense. (Click here for a demo)

I finished it off with with 6 different abdominal crunch exercises interspersed with 3 x 3 minute rounds on the punch bag. If your gym has a heavy bag, I really recommend it even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Get on it for a couple of minutes and you’ll see how tiring it is. If you’re in the middle of the season of your sport remember, less heavy lifting and more conditioning (high intensity for short periods with short breaks). I’ve tagged a great video on conditioning training that you may find useful:

As a side note, the Maximuscle site has also got a Calorie Counter which asks you what your goal is (tone up/bulk up etc), what exercise you do etc and then tells you how much you’re burning during the week.

It’s pretty cool and I worked out that I burnt 300 calories and the fish and chips was over 500! Still, it took the edge off!

I’ve got some new merchant partners who have some really great stuff so see you tomorrow.




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