Milan Fashion Week pt II

20 01 2011

Post 101. I’m currently typing with a moderately warm right hand but my left hand is frozen stiff for reasons unknown!

Not a bad day today. It went quickly and I got a lot of stuff done, plus my friend told me that taking care of business in the toilet she dropped a £10 pound note into the bowl. She then had to decide if she wanted to fish it out or literally flush money down the toilet. She chose the former… yuck. In fairness I probably would have done the same.

I’m curious to hear what regular readers think about the updated site. I’ve now got an RSS feed and ratings function so I can get a better idea about what you want to see more of since the only comments I get are from Taiwanese spammers claiming they can cure premature ejaculation. On that note I hear that a 1/4 of men have a problem with premature ejaculation… the rest of us just don’t think it’s a problem.

Right…back to Milan fashion week and here is the second part of my top picks. Once again thanks to for the pictures and notable absences include Prada, Alexander McQueen and Gucci because, well, they just didn’t do it for me this season.

Iceberg – I don’t know too much about Iceberg apart from they’re Italian and known for their knitwear. I really like the fit of some of these items and the bright splashes of colour as that’s what drew my eye to the collection in the first place. It’s a really cool, urban look and I think if you’re into brands like D Squared, you should check out the whole line.

John Richmond – I think the style seems really contemporary. Again I’ve gone for an urban line which seems to be the theme for the best lines at Milan.

Etro – There seems to be a coming together of a rock and roll urbanwear with a style of 70’s news anchor decadent tailoring. The silks, wools and linens are really opulent and I’d especially like to test drive their blue check suit!




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