Superdry Exclusive Free UK delivery

17 01 2011

Good Monday to you,

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today due to ploughing my car into my neighbors house yesterday. It’s left me with a hefty bill to fix the car but I’m sure I’ll pay it off eventually.

As I haven’t mentioned them in a while, I’ll be talking about They are currently offering free UK delivery so with that in mind, I went on the site to see what they have by way of men’s knitwear as it’s still not t-shirt weather yet and the prices will be a bit lower. Here are my picks:

Trawlerman Knit, Superdry

I really like the trawlerman knit. It’s not a new concept – French fishermen first inspired Coco Chanel to bring this pattern of chunky knitwear to the mainstream and it’s been championed by Jean Paul Gaultier, FCUK and now Superdry. It coincides with the resurrection of the crew collar to make a comfortable and fashionable piece.

Station Knit, Superdry

Since Spring is on the way, I thought I’d go for a zip up number that’s a bit lighter-weight than something in fairisle or hakuyama. But let’s face it, I do live in the UK and Spring is always going to be a cold and wet affair! The preppy letterman design on the breast looks quite cool and think it’s a new avenue Superdry are exploring.

Seadog Hooded Henley, Superdry - £99.99

Another nautical knit! Combining that classic trawlerman design with the contemporary henley collar!




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