Top TV shows every man should have seen

11 01 2011

I hope your Sunday has been full of all the best Sunday things – waking up naturally, having free time to do what you want and of course… a healthy amount of slobbing out.

Yesterday a friend stayed over and we watched Guillermo Del Toro’s The Orphanage whilst we drank copious amounts of Baileys. If you haven’t seen The Orphanage, check it out, it’s a really eerie fantastical movie which we all enjoyed.

Today I’m going to write about a topic of which I have a lot of experience; I am going to list the top DVD box-set’s that every man should own. I’ve linked every show to my partners at so by the time you’re done watching these, you’re going to have to enlist the help of a care worker to come in a flip you over to avoid bed sores. Your shit just got real.

The Office

I’ve chosen the British Series for this chart as although I quite like the U.S version, you can’t beat the original. I think that the brilliance of this series is that everyone has had, or knows someone who has had a boss like David Brent. I just love how Brent encapsulates the manager without a clue about social interaction and how it leads to so many horrifically awkward moments. There are so many beautiful little moments where it really cuts to core of the average UK office, be it hiding the stapler in the jelly from the office weird guy or the boarish sales rep who is 99% sure to have some form of sexually transmitted disease, we all can relate to the show and that’s the beauty. The show was the first of it’s kind to take the mockumentary format and apply it to a sitcom and arguably changed the humour of a nation.

The Sopranos

New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano is a troubled man. The glory days of the mafia are long gone, but Tony and his crew are struggling to come to terms with the fact. There’s such a fantastic amount of dark humor, bittersweet irony and brilliantly written story-lines, this show went from strength to strength. What makes the show so interesting is that Tony is clearly a psychologically disturbed man, but shouldn’t all mob bosses be slightly unhinged? Only in past times, society never delved into the inner workings of the minds behind organised crime.

Tony’s homelife is also a highlight of the show: he has two abhorrent children who are bathing in the excesses of the American dream without really thinking about where their wealth comes from and a wife who preaches Catholic decency and fidelity but is more than happy to turn a blind eye if the grim business funds her lifestyle. Tony is a sociopath and his wife Carmella is a huge hypocrite but God help me, they are really fascinating to watch. An excellent supporting cast and imaginative storylines have made The Sopranos one of the greatest television series of all time.

The Wire

The Creme de la Creme. The Wire is a show about lawful intercept, the line drawn between corruption, poverty, drugs and law enforcement in the City of Baltimore and how it is frequently blurred. For the first 3 seasons, The Wire focuses on the protagonist Jimmy Mcnulty, played by British actor Dominic West.  Mcnulty is a bar-cruising, girl-chasing trouble maker who also happens to be an excellent detective. The first season, sees Mcnulty and his crew investigate the city’s most ambitious drug dealer.

This thread continuous accross the 5 seasons, looking at the drug problem eating away at this former U.S boomtown from 5 different perspectives – the street, the ports, the youth, city hall and the press. With each series, the story travels further up the food chain until it gets to the very top and the audience sees the drug problem from a national perspective. Witty dialogue and poignantly written storyline make The Wire my favorite series of all time. The story has heroes, villains and anti-heroes and when you think that you’ve formed a moral opinion on an issue, the whole story changes –  I couldn’t tear myself away from it.




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